June 21 Food Unplugged on WFC site

On the 21st of June the World Food Center site will once again show how beautiful things are going to be here. Then again finds the fifth edition of it Food Unplugged Festival Place. Food Unplugged is an annual food festival that puts the spotlight on 'unprocessed food', honest food from farmers, growers and small independent caterers, not reinforced by marketing or processing.

The 2019 theme is the Taste of the Netherlands. We are still seeing a growing desire among consumers for real and pure food; at the same time, it remains difficult for small producers to find their audience.

Food Unplugged brings supply and demand, desire and story together. Pure, real food with products from various regions of the Netherlands, prepared with simple techniques and eaten in a pop-up environment that excels in simplicity.

The former assault course on the barracks site will be transformed into a creative hub with straw-bale theaters, mini-restaurants, live cooking demonstrations and special product confrontations. Central to the festival site are the communal tables. Here over 750 food professionals eat together dishes prepared by a great line-up of chefs with products from various regions.

More than 30 inspirators, from farmer to waste processor, give workshops, tastings and presentations.

Culinary Inspiration
Get in touch with the innovators, the cross thinkers, the doers, the dreamers and loners in food. A day with food and drink, made by and for food professionals. A day that gives you tasty stories that will fuel your plans in the coming years.

Food Unplugged is the ideal place to get to know other food professionals better. No fewer than 750 guests from the Netherlands, Belgium and a few other countries travel to the former barracks site in Ede. Real encounters instead of fleeting contact. Unexpected opportunities for open business minds.

Multi Sensory
With the hands in the dough, smell, feel and taste. Workshops are held in our straw-bale theaters, tasted in mini-restaurants, and special experiences are shared at tables.

Circular Festival
Food Unplugged is committed to being circular. No waste, as few plastics as possible, separate waste processing, composting, clean energy. Food Unplugged strives for a neutral food print. Whatever is left we give home to the guests.

Unplugged Dinner
The highlight! At long tables in the middle of the forest, our famous dinner with Unplugged Food in the lead, tasty drinks and music to dance to until the sun goes down. Top chefs cook with products that guests have brought with them. You must have been here.