45,000 children on 'Expeditie Lekker in je Vel'

The World Food Center Experience wants to make people aware of what they eat and what impact that has on themselves and on the world. And what they can do themselves to change that. You can hardly start that young enough! The WFC Experience is happy to tie in with existing initiatives in this area. Such as the particularly successful school programs of the GoDo alliance.

GoDo is a national initiative that helps parents and children with a healthy lifestyle: good nutrition, more exercise and more relaxation. At GoDo, children are the drivers for changing behavior. With their ideas and actions they help their entire family with a healthy lifestyle. And that's great, because people who eat healthier, exercise more and relax more, feel happier and perform better.

I eat it better
Primary school students discover that healthy eating can be fun with the program I eat it better. The interactive lesson programs from II eat it better make students aware in a playful way of what they eat and drink every day. The students learn about the origin of their food, experience what a healthy lifestyle does for their body and together they enjoy the most delicious products. In all I eat it better lessons, the emphasis is on doing and experiencing together. A healthy lifestyle automatically becomes fun, both at school and outside!

Learning young is done young!
This week no less than 45,000 children from group 7 participate in the curriculum 'Expedition Good in your skin', in which they experience for a week what eating, exercise and relaxation do to you differently.

Children are encouraged to participate at home this week, for example by giving out Golden Tickets at home (to parents, brothers, sisters) that reward 'healthy behavior'.

This program was developed by Voeding Leeft, in close consultation with the other parties that are part of the GoDo alliance.

GoDo alliance
GoDo is a movement that started with a core group of founders Missing Chapter, Albert Heijn and FrieslandCampina. In addition, it works Nutrition center, Nutrition Lives, Young people at healthy weight and Healthy School as knowledge partners and social organizations in GoDo. The platform is independent and has no commercial objectives.