June 6: Annual Congress Healthy Innovation

While the realization of the World Food Center Experience itself has yet to begin, we are seeing the WFC site increasingly filled with food-related activities and initiatives.

Completely in line with the objectives of the World Food Center to work on raising awareness about the role of nutrition, and promoting a more sustainable, healthier lifestyle, the second edition of the Annual Healthy Innovation Congress place on the WFC site. This time at the beautiful location of the Akoesticum, the national training center for music, dance and theater.

This year's congress, organized by Foodlog, is about sugar. Less sugar in products, lifestyle and environment. How can you achieve that as effortlessly, tastefully and healthily as possible?

Is sugar 'the new smoking', 'the new fat', or even worse: 'poison'?

Sugar is naturally the gasoline on which our engine runs; fat is the emergency battery. But sugar has developed in recent decades into a serious threat to public health. We get a lot with our food and drinks too much sugar inside. To completely ban sugar is to break the other side, but it seems undisputed that it has to be considerably less.

Triple perspective 
The conference deals with three main themes Healthy Innovation the issues surrounding sugar: the product itself, the food environment in which it is offered and the lifestyle of consumers.

Do it together
Confusion in science and media, distrust in parties with an interest, and the hesitant policy on nutrition and health call for an integrated approach to the complex matter. How do you manage that?

The government is making a coordinating effort with it prevention agreement. Supermarkets choose one food traffic light. Will it deliver what policy makers hope for?

In the World Food Center, the place for the food debate, Foodlog organizes the Annual Congress Healthy Innovation, to get the chain as a whole, including consumers and governments, in motion.

Look here for more information about the program and sign up.