Mauritskazerne opens doors as an event location

With the opening of the Mauritskazerne on Monday 1 July, the World Food Center once again has a beautiful and professional event location. The national monument building from 1906 has been transformed by the Teka group into a pop-up location for events and meetings. The Mauritskazerne will house the World Food Center Experience in a few years.

The stately entrance, high ceilings and large arched windows give this location a unique appearance. The industrial look is enhanced by the interior of mainly recycled materials. The barracks impress, you can receive groups of up to 600 guests in style. Separated in smaller groups? There are 12 flexibly usable subspaces available for this.

A story for the future
The location not only has an inspiring past, but also a story for the future. What you eat and drink comes from farmers, bakers and other food producers from the region. Tasty, honest, sustainable and futureproof.

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New city meeting WFC attracts curious residents

Prior to the consultation period around the structural vision, the municipality of Ede organized a new city meeting for residents and entrepreneurs. The 100 interested people who had registered were given presentations in the Akoesticum and were able to ask questions to the municipality, the WFC and the project developers. And for dessert, the visitors were given a tour of the site, completely in style with the military history of the area.

Alies Rommerts of the municipality of Ede says that the new city area will have a green backdrop. "The Veluwe comes in here, as it were. That sense of landscape must remain. ”In addition to the Veluwe, military history also plays an important role because the barracks must become the face of the area.

Questions and input
After three presentations and a musical interlude by Ruben Schaap, it was time for the more interactive part of the program. "Ask all your questions and be inspired!" Alderman Leon Meijer encouraged those present. For him, this city conversation is also a good time to show what has been done with the input from the previous conversation. "And it's just good that people know what is going to happen here." "Let's talk about what it will look like here and that we as Edeners may also be proud of some developments." This is the area of food. Many companies and institutions with knowledge. Many farmers. "

Old army vehicles
As a bonus, visitors were given a tour of the terrain in old army vehicles, fitting the decor. Alderman Meijer is enthusiastic that the old connection between the barracks and the city will return. “This is a piece of history with a new interpretation. A lot happened here in the past, but it was behind gates and we didn't see that. Now a lot will happen again, but now we will all see and experience it. "


Source: To a play by Jose van der Burg (27 June 2019 -

Realization of World Food Center Experience officially launched

Food adventure promotes healthy and sustainable food

Ede, March 22, 2019 - Nyou this week the municipality of Ede, after the Province of Gelderland, has determined its financial contribution, the realization of the World Food Center Experience has officially started. From 2022, this educational food attraction is expected to take 330,000 visitors on a personal food adventure every year. In this way they become playfully aware of all aspects of our food and of the consequences associated with the choice of daily food. Organizations from the business community, government, science and education are involved in the development of the Experience.

We live in a time where we have become increasingly distant from the production of our food. At the same time there are major challenges such as overweight, hunger and climate change. The World Food Center Experience brings people into contact with the way food is produced and consumed worldwide. The World Food Center Experience lets people experience the impact of food on their bodies, how the food chain works, what the national and international food challenges are and how our country can contribute to solving them. All this in an exciting, attractive and fascinating way, making the World Food Center Experience not only a fun outing for the whole family, but also encouraging people to opt for healthy and sustainable food.

Unique cooperation
In recent years, the municipality of Ede, Province of Gelderland, Wageningen University & Research and WFC Development have worked on the concept and development of the World Food Center Experience. From the start there has been close collaboration with companies such as Albert Heijn, Rabobank, DSM, FrieslandCampina, KeyGene, Nestlé and Scelta Mushrooms. The World Food Organization of the United Nations has also been involved in the development of the Master Plan for the Experience. Leisure specialists have ensured a high fun factor of the attraction. Various social organizations support the initiative and participate in the elaboration of the ideas and plans. An independent Advisory Board, with representatives from different parts of the food sector, has approved the concept of the Experience.

Strong business case and financing
The concept of the Experience was designed by the leisure experts of BRC Imagination Arts from Los Angeles, who previously designed the successful Heineken Experience in the Netherlands. In addition, the plan has a strong financial foundation. The business case is based on a financially sound operational model, tested by the leisure development partners (LDP) agency specialized in attractions. The financing is made possible in part by a contribution of € 17 million from the province of Gelderland and € 6 million from the municipality of Ede.

International profiling
In addition to consumers, the World Food Center Experience also has a business target group. It will be the central meeting place for international delegations who visit the Netherlands to show the pioneering role of our country in agri-food, and to stimulate new partnerships and innovation.

Next steps
The next step in the realization of the World Food Center Experience is the establishment of a foundation that will be responsible for the development and realization of the content and the building of the new attraction. In addition to the content, the form and fun factor of the WFC Experience are also important to guarantee the experience.

Centrally situated
The WFC Experience is part of the World Food Center that is developing into the food meeting place of the Netherlands, right next to the Ede-Wageningen intercity station and close to Wageningen University & Research. The Ede-Wageningen area is the knowledge heart of the Foodvalley and a growing top location for innovative companies and institutions in the field of agri-food.


Comments and Quotes

Deputy Bea Schouten from Gelderland: “We believe that the World Food Center will flourish in a good way. It will be a fun, attractive experience that contributes to good food awareness. People mainly enjoy it, but it also contributes to national and global food issues. The place to be when it comes to food! "

Alderman Leon Meijer van Ede: “I am proud that with these decisions we can start the realization of the WFC Experience. I am already looking forward to seeing how children, parents, grandparents, but also international delegations enjoy the discovery journey that the Experience offers. The WFC Experience is also a boost for the economy and employment in Ede. In order to provide the more than 10 billion people on our planet with enough food in 2050, we must all change our eating habits drastically. The demand for healthy and sustainable food for everyone is increasing. In the WFC Experience you learn more about this in a fascinating way and you go on a true food adventure. With our integrated food policy, the location of the Experience here in Ede is a logical choice. ”

Anita Scholte at Reimer, responsible for Quality Assurance & Product Sustainability at Albert Heijn: “In order to be able to offer our customers healthy, tasty and sustainable food day in day out, we work closely with the entire food chain. We can make that chain beautifully visible in the WFC. A great place to show the general public where our food comes today and how there is plenty of innovation ”.
Raoul Bino, Managing Director of the Agrotechnology & Food Sciences Group (AFSG) of Wageningen University & Research: “For WUR it is evident that the Netherlands with its globally leading agri-food sector has an important responsibility to contribute to availability worldwide with knowledge and technology of sufficiently healthy and sustainably produced food. The World Food Center is a unique opportunity to establish an important junction for Dutch agri-food just a stone's throw from WUR.

TRudy Wijnhoven (Nutrition Officer) and Rosa Rolle (Senior Food Systems Officer) of the World Food Organization of the United Nations (FAO), following the Master Plan: “The WFC Experience is about to promote sustainable food production and consumption. Plus it underlines the fact that food should not only be seen as a raw material, but should be valued as essential in the much broader impact that nutritional values have on people. "

Klaas Cuperus, RSA / QA / Co-manufacturing manager Nestlé Benelux: “Feeding the world population in a sustainable way, requires not only product innovation, but also changes in our consumption pattern. This is necessary to waste less food and make healthier choices. The WFC can and will play an important role in the transfer of knowledge and we at Nestlé also want to take our responsibility in this. "

Bas Roelofs from FrieslandCampina: “As an internationally operating Dutch company, we want to do our bit for such a great initiative as the World Food Center Experience. In addition to an honest story about the importance of sustainably produced food and a sustainable diet, the World Food Center Experience also shows the significance of the agri-food sector for the Dutch economy and for feeding the world. ”