Marcel Goossens Quartermaker WFC Experience

As of 1 April, the World Food Center Experience has appointed Marcel Goossens as Quartermaster Director as a first step on the road to realization. Marcel Goossens is a partner at the agency P2 Project management.He specializes in complex projects that involve many parties, particularly in the food sector.

In the coming 6 months, Marcel will be hired to 'make a quarter of an hour' for the new organization which, under the responsibility of the also new foundation, will take care of the final design and realization of the Experience.

Consortium for WFC Research program is growing

TiFN meeting 2901

Secretariat for the research program TiFN organized a very useful 'open meeting' for all companies and other interested parties in the research program of the WFC. This meeting was intended to further expand the existing consortium of knowledge institutions, companies and the government.

The WFC Research Program aims to understand more how consumers change their behavior and what the impact is of different communication strategies on consumer decision-making. Consumers are increasingly critical of the information they receive about nutrition. Are e-numbers really that bad for my health? What difference does the purchase of organic vegetables and fruit make?

The funding application for the program is coordinated by TiFN, which submitted an application for public research funding to the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) last November. The first evaluation of the submitted proposals is at the end of February and the final proposal must be submitted on 21 May. The consortium now consists of knowledge institutions such as Wageningen University and Research, TU Delft, the University of Groningen and the CHE, AERES and HAN colleges and from KraftHeinz, Danone, FrieslandCampina, Schuttelaar & Partners, the Municipality of Ede and the Province of Gelderland.

Open meeting
After a short welcoming speech Tineke Keidel (WFCD) told about the progress of the development of the WFC. Hereafter Ronald Visschers explained the status of the research program. Susanne Butterman, Account Manager at the Municipality of Ede and Province of Gelderland, informed the audience about the importance of the research program and the contribution of the local government. After this there was a panel discussion with representatives from the business community (FrieslandCampina, Danone, KraftHeinz) led by professor of consumer behavior prof.dr. Hans van Trijp.


Coming World Food Center Experience step closer

The following message can also be read on the website of the Municipality of Ede. 

Provincial Executive of the Province of Gelderland and the Edese College of Mayor and Aldermen have today approved the further development and realization of the World Food Center Experience (WFC Experience). This decision was preceded by a thorough investigation into the feasibility of the WFC Experience. On the basis of the feasibility study, a Memorandum of starting points has been drawn up. The City Council and the Provincial Council decide on this Memorandum of principles in March.

Deputy Bea Schouten: "We believe in the World Food Center. The business plan has convinced us that the World Food Center can flourish in a good way. We believe that the Experience contributes to good food awareness in a fun and attractive way. This project also wants to make a substantial contribution to global food problems. ''

Alderman Leon Meijer: "I am proud that with this decision we are a step closer to the realization of the WFC Experience and the opening in 2022. I am already looking forward to seeing how children, parents, grandparents, but also international delegations enjoy the discovery journey that the Experience offers. The WFC Experience is also a boost for the economy and employment in Ede. In order to provide the more than 10 billion people on our planet with enough food in 2050, we all have to drastically change our diet. The demand for healthy and sustainable food for everyone is increasing. In the WFC Experience you learn more about this in a fascinating way and you go on a true food adventure. With our integral food policy, the location of the Experience here in Ede is a logical choice. "

Unique cooperation
In recent years, the municipality of Ede, the Province of Gelderland, Wageningen University & Research and WFC Development have worked on the realization of the Master Plan of the WFC Experience and the accompanying Memorandum on principles. From the start there is a close collaboration with a number of companies such as; Albert Heijn, Rabobank, DSM, FrieslandCampina, KeyGene, Nestlé and Scelta Mushrooms. The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has been closely involved in the development of the Master Plan for the Experience. In addition, various civil society organizations support the initiative and are involved in further development.

World Food Center and Experience
The World Food Center is the food meeting place for consumers, businesses, knowledge institutions and governments. The WFC Experience is a unique and widely supported educational attraction that encourages consumers to choose healthy and sustainable food in a lively way. It takes visitors on a personal food adventure that makes them aware of the responsibilities that food entails. All this in an exciting, attractive and exciting way, making the WFC Experience an excellent attraction for the whole family.

Anita Scholte at Reimer, responsible for Quality Assurance & Product Sustainability at Albert Heijn: "In order to offer our customers day-to-day healthy, tasty and sustainable food, we work closely with the entire food chain. We can make this chain visible in the WFC. A great place to show the general public where our food is coming today and how it is being fully innovated ".

Klaas Cuperus, RSA / QA / Co-manufacturing manager Nestlé Benelux:
"Feeding the world's population in a sustainable way, not only requires innovation in the product field, but also changes in our consumption pattern. This is necessary to waste less food and make healthier choices. The WFC can and will play an important role in the transfer of knowledge about this
and we, as Nestlé, also want to take our responsibility ".

In March, both Provincial States and the City Council will discuss the Memorandum on starting points. After positive decision-making the plan comes in a next phase. This gives a go-ahead to work out the Master Plan towards a concrete design and the eventual realization of the Experience. The Edese College of Mayor and Aldermen has expressed the wish to open the Experience in 2022.

WFC home port for Foodvalley Accelerator

Foodvalley NL and ScaleUp Company support with the program Foodvalley Accelerator scale-ups in the agrifood sector. The Foodvalley Accelerator is intended for Dutch companies with a scalable product or service and a turnover of at least 100,000 euros. The meetings will take place on the grounds of the WFC in Ede.

The step from a successful startup to an established organization is great. Also in the agrifood sector. According to Roger van Hoesel, director of Foodvalley NL, there is a gap in the ecosystem: "There are almost no young companies that grow into a large company. We fill this gap with the Foodvalley Accelerator ".

There is a great need for training and coaching. Mirik Castro, trainer at ScaleUp Company, adds: "Together with Foodvalley NL, we have therefore developed a program for and by entrepreneurs. We focus on the business, but also on the entrepreneur himself. "

Program and login
The accelerator program is based on the principles of the Rockefeller Habits, a practical method for growth. Participants receive monthly 'Accountability Sessions', thematic 'Learning Days' and a personal mentor. In February and March there are two information meetings. For this, entrepreneurs can register via:

The program is made possible in part by the Province of Gelderland, the municipality of Ede, ScaleUp Company and Foodvalley NL in collaboration with StartLife, Oost NL and World Food Center Development.

View the flyer with more information here