Visit Ede

Ede is known for its nature reserves and many opportunities to actively enjoy them! On this part of the Veluwe you can endlessly cycle, walk and horseback ride over heath, sand drifts, grass plains and through the forest.

Ede is one of the largest municipalities in the Netherlands. The municipality of Ede has more than 115,000 inhabitants and covers about 32,000 hectares. The residential areas of Bennekom, Deelen, Ede, Ederveen, Harskamp, Hoenderloo, De Klomp, Lunteren, Otterlo and Wekerom are located within this territory.

Explore Ede actively
All the villages of Ede are surrounded by a nature reserve with countless walking, cycling and riding routes. These pass through forest, heather and shifting sands, but also past characteristic buildings, historic highlights and past producers of tasty regional products.

Taste culture in Ede
A cultural must-visit in Ede is the world-famous Kröller-Müller Museum. The museum has the second largest Van Gogh collection, but also offers an impressive sculpture garden with 160 sculptures. Ede has a total of 10 museums, but no fewer than 150 works of art can be found on the street. In addition, there is a theater, a pop stage, a classical concert hall, an open-air theater and a large cinema.

Relive military history
Ede has a special place when it comes to military history. In September 1944 the most important event around Ede took place: operation Market Garden. During Operation Market Garden, some 2,000 Allied paratroopers landed on the Ginkelse Heide. This in an attempt to conquer the bridges at Arnhem. Every September this day is commemorated and relived during the Airborne airborne landings. In 2020 we will celebrate 75 years of liberation. This happens with many events and activities.

Spend the night in Ede
If you want to visit Ede for a longer stay, you have a wide choice of accommodation options. Hotels and Bed & Breakfasts come in all categories, but it is also popular to stay in a bungalow park, group accommodation or on a campsite.

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Ede is easily accessible via the A12 and A30 highways, but also by train via Ede-Wageningen, Ede-Center, Lunteren and Veenendaal-De Klomp.