"WFC Experience puts Foodvalley on the map even more."

“The WFC Experience is a great project that not only makes visitors aware but also gives the area an economic boost, in addition to what is happening in Wageningen. With the WFC Experience we put everything that is happening here in the Foodvalley on the map once again. We asked him for his opinion about the World Food Center and the involvement of the province of Gelderland.

WFC Experience meets needs

“Attention to our food and where it comes from is important. Just like ensuring that there is enough food in the future. For that you have to look at where in the world food production is possible. We are blessed in the Netherlands with healthy soil and a good climate. This means that we must contribute to food production here. Not only for ourselves, but also for others. "

"We want to make people think with the WFC Experience," continues Drenth. “Having enough food is not normal everywhere in the world. A loaf or a pack of milk does not roll out of the factory like that. Be aware of where your food comes from and that you have to pay a fair price for it. If we want agriculture to produce food in a different, sustainable way, then that starts with what we as consumers demand. And that again depends on what we know and feel. "

“Food and agriculture are important sectors for the Gelderland economy. The World Food Center confirms our leading position. "


One of the strong points of the WFC Experience is that it focuses on consumers and food. Drenth: “It is new and unique. It puts Gelderland on the map as a food region, nationally and internationally. In addition, it is nice that so many come together: business, government, education, research and the ordinary consumer. This is the first time that we have been doing this, so it is always exciting what it will look like. "

“The World Food Center must really be the calling card of our knowledge and expertise in the field of food. But the greatest opportunity lies in involving consumers in the food issue. And for me, that includes the discussion about the climate. "

Food and agriculture important for Gelderland

“Food and agriculture are important sectors for the Gelderland economy. We also have a world-class knowledge institution with Wageningen University & Research. We want to ensure that this region continues to lead the world. "

“Gelderland has been involved in the plans for the World Foopd Center from the very beginning. By bringing the Experience into an independent foundation, the province will be a little more remote. That was deliberately chosen. It is not up to us as a province to set up and exploit an Experience. But because of the importance we attach to the Experience, we have made sure that our interests are also taken into account in further development. In this way we will certainly continue to send in the next three years, in good consultation with the Foundation. With agreements that are laid down in, for example, the subsidy conditions and the articles of association of the Foundation. In addition, we have confidence in the Advisory Board, which advises us solicited and unsolicited, just as in previous phases. The Advisory Council is the guardian of the ideas to which we as a province have committed ourselves. ”



OnePlanet Research Center presents itself

On September 9, WUR and Radboud University will present their joint OnePlanet Research Center, focusing on digital innovations for more sustainable agriculture, food and health.

OnePlanet Research Center is a collaboration between imec nanotechnology institute, Wageningen University & Research, Radboud University and Radboud University Medical Center, with the support of the province of Gelderland. OnePlanet opened its doors on the Wageningen Campus in May.

The new center wants to develop groundbreaking innovations in an open innovation environment, together with companies and institutions for vocational and higher education (in particular in Gelderland).

These innovations must help resolve social challenges in the areas of health, environment, sustainability and climate. In this way, OnePlanet helps to realize FoodValley's ambition to become the Silicon Valley for food and health.

OnePlanet will present itself on September 9 to companies, knowledge institutions and other interested parties.

What opportunities does OnePlanet have? And what can we do to make this research center a success?

Mon 9 September 2019, 3:00 pm to 6:30 pm

Location Impulse, building number 115
Stippeneng 2
6708 WE Wageningen

Registration and more information on the WUR website.

"We have to position the Netherlands much more as an agri-food innovator"

Roger van Hoesel, director of Foodvalley NL, fully admits that he himself still uses it regularly; the positioning of the Netherlands as the world's second largest exporter of agrifood products. “It sounds good and is always a nice entry to an international audience. But unfortunately it doesn't mean that much. It says nothing about the quality. If we really want to contribute to a healthier and more sustainable world, we have to focus on our capacity for innovation. Being the second largest is not interesting. That is because it often concerns bulk products, or products that are first imported in part and then exported again. To maintain that leading position, you would have to export more and more, something that is hardly possible for our country, where production is already very intensive. ”

“Where there is room for growth is in the field of innovations and the export thereof. That is something that we at Foodvalley NL are very committed to. "

Foodvalley is the primary knowledge-intensive agri-food ecosystem in the Netherlands. Foodvalley NL is the organization that builds consortia to jointly realize innovative solutions. Solutions that come about thanks to intensive cooperation between companies, knowledge institutions, education and governments.

Innovative power
"That innovative power is also recognized by other countries, but that can be even better," Van Hoesel continues. “This is not just about Wageningen University & Research (WUR). The knowledge and expertise that is there is highly appreciated worldwide, but that we have much more to offer around it sometimes gets snowed under. "

“If foreign visitors come to the Netherlands then you would like to offer them a consistent story, now it is true that they get a WUR story at WUR, and other stories from Unilever and FrieslandCampina. We at Foodvalley NL are trying to build a bridge. Combining forces and ensuring a clear story that does not have a specific company color. And that seems to be catching on, witness the growing numbers of visitors we receive and international visits we make. ”

“From an international perspective, Foodvalley is actually synonymous with the Netherlands. For foreigners, the Netherlands is often already a very small and compact area. We therefore do not limit ourselves to collaborations and innovations in the Foodvalley region, something that is sometimes thought of. It is of course true that the Foodvalley region has an unrivaled concentration of agri-food companies, and of course the WUR in Wageningen. So an important part of our initiatives and promotion of innovation take place in this region. "

"We look forward to the World Food Center Experience"
“The arrival of the World Food Center Experience is something we look forward to. Precisely to tell the broad and not business-dependent story, it is great to have a neutral place in a knowledge-intensive environment where you can easily receive people, quickly and properly give a picture of our innovative power without having it directly linked to companies or institutions. is. That way we can optimally fulfill our bridging function and our networking function. "

AgriFood 2030
Foodvalley NL has been the recognized point of contact for fifteen years now when it comes to accelerating (product) innovations, developing agri-food solutions and promoting the Dutch agri-food sector. “That is why we have also been asked to help fill in the AgriFood 2030 program. AgriFood 2030 is a joint initiative of FrieslandCampina, Municipality of Ede, Municipality of Wageningen, the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality, Foodvalley Region, Top Sector Agri & Food, Unilever, Wageningen University & Research and the province of Gelderland. "

The AgriFood 2030 program aims to maintain and further strengthen the strong position of this region, as the global Agri & Food center for knowledge and innovation. To achieve this goal, a long-term, integrated development and financing program is being developed, in which Foodvalley NL plays a central coordinating role.

“In 2030, Foodvalley must be the global knowledge and innovation heart of healthy, safe and sustainably produced food. Foodvalley is already a global hub for knowledge and innovation in food and agriculture, including in the field of sustainability and climate change. Knowledge and innovation, the power of Foodvalley, will become the key to success in food and agriculture in the coming decades. Within 10 years we want to triple the number of R&D companies in the region. "

By focusing on Foodvalley as a global hub for knowledge and innovation, Gelderland is strengthening the business climate in the region, making the region more attractive for organizations and talent. The government, companies, knowledge institutions, municipalities and the province of Gelderland are working together to make Foodvalley a success.

“We already have a lively ecosystem in the region with many active and involved parties. But if we want to achieve the set goals on new themes, improved collaboration is needed. Otherwise we miss a great opportunity as a region and as the Netherlands. That means that we have to work together in a different way within the ecosystem. More focus, more mutual coordination. Clearer message, therefore, and focus. "


Many plans at Conference Deal Foodvalley Region

During the conference “Ondernemen mee in de Regio Deal Foodvalley” about 200 entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and governments discussed the plans, opportunities and possibilities of the Regio Deal Foodvalley. A bustling afternoon with many good ideas. Naturally, the presentation of the World Food Center also received a lot of interest. 

The Regio Deal leads to a sustainable network of concrete, scalable projects in the Foodvalley region that deliver tangible results within three years. Entrepreneurs in the region, knowledge institutions and government play an important role in this: as a location for testing grounds, as a source of knowledge, as access to networks and as the inventor of innovative technologies.

On April 18, they met to meet each other, share knowledge and see how they can strengthen these plans together. These plans will be further coordinated with the government in the coming months. You will hear more soon!