Inspiring location to work and meet

WFC helps starting food companies on their way

For the Dutch economy, it is vitally important that there is a constant growth of new start-ups. That does not happen by itself. Many young entrepreneurs may have good ideas or perhaps a nice product or service, but that is not enough. Often there appears to be a need for a good network of potential customers, financiers (investors) or knowledge suppliers. Or an inspiring location to work, meet each other or invite customers. That is why a feasibility study is currently examining whether the WFC site would be a good place for young food companies to grow and thrive ('incubator'). This is being discussed with a large number of parties, including existing food companies, educational institutions in the region and, of course, starters themselves. This study will be completed this summer. The client is the municipality of Ede. The study is carried out by Food Valley NL and StartLife.
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