Consumentenbond chooses Nutriscore as food choice logo

In the Prevention agreement It is stipulated that a new food selection logo will be introduced in 2020. Consumentenbond recently announced that it found Nutriscore the best food selection logo. They are now depositing the ball with the government.

With a food selection logo on the front of a package, the consumer can see at a glance how healthy or unhealthy a product is. You can also use this to compare products that are very similar to each other with regard to the nutritional value and the amounts of sugar, saturated fat and / or salt. for example, can be very different. Now you have to turn over packaging and read fine print if you want to compare products well.

The Nutriscore logo gives foods a score from A to E. To determine those scores, we look at the amount of calories, sugars, saturated fat, salt, protein, fiber, fruit, vegetables and nuts in the product.

Not perfect

The Nutriscore was developed by French nutrition scientists on the basis of a calculation program where a score based on all ingredients was used. The system is not perfect: brown and white rice score the same, diet cola does better than milk and olive oil gets an E while it is a healthy product. It is a tool and no more than that.

This is underlined by the responses within the consumer association's own community. They indicate that even with this logo it will not be easy to get everyone happy. There are different opinions about what is or is not healthy.

The Federation of Dutch Food Industry (FNLI) is not yet convinced either: “A new logo must be unambiguous and not lead to confusion. A good logo is based on the disk of five. It is now up to the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) to come up with a good logo. They play the director's role in consultation with all parties. "

The ministry has not yet made a choice but the Prevention Agreement stipulates that such a logo must be available by 2020 at the latest.

This week, during the VMT Future of Food Event In any case, State Secretary Paul Blokhuis made clear how he sees the responsibility of the food industry: "Stop selling damned stuff ..."

Foodlog organizes on those responsibilities and healthy food innovation in the WFC on 6 June next Annual Healthy Innovation Congress.