About us

The World Food Center (WFC) in Ede is the food meeting place for consumers, businesses, knowledge institutions and governments. At the former barracks area Maurits Zuid a lively area is created where living, working and recreation go hand in hand. The WFC helps consumers to become aware of food issues and how they can contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future for themselves and their environment. In addition, the WFC is an innovation district for food and agriculture, a place where development and exchange of knowledge between companies, knowledge institutions and consumers is stimulated.

The WFC is an initiative of the municipality of Ede, province of Gelderland, Wageningen University & Research, Stichting World Food Centers and WFC Development BV (a collaboration between BPD (Bouwfonds Property Development) Green Real Estate BV and Van Wijnen Groep NV).

Our mission and vision

The ever growing world population and increasing pressure on the planet lead to huge challenges in the food chain. More so, our day to day choices have an impact on our body and our environment. To provide enough, nutritious and sustainable food for everyone today and in the future, a radical change in how we produce and consume food is needed.

The World Food Center unites consumers and organizations and stimulates them to take more responsibility and join forces to find solutions for challenges in the food chain we face today and in the future. We feed each other.

The World Food Center is the place to be for food. A place where consumers, private partners, knowledge institutes and governments can share knowledge and inspire one another. The lively urban area adds to both an eventful and meaningful lasting awareness among consumers and provide breeding ground for innovation.

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Mission and vision download as PDF:

Mission and vision

World Food Center Contact:

New Kazernelaan 2-D42
6711 JC Ede
tel: 06 12 05 49 87

The World Food Center is located right next to the Ede-Wageningen station. Check the map below for directions with the car.

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