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Cookie policy

This website uses some functional cookies - such as remembering language settings - and non-functional cookies.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small files that remember your preferences during surfing and store them on your own computer.

Do cookies know who you are?
No! A cookie does not know your name, address, age and other personal details. They only remember your preferences and interests based on your surfing behavior.

Google Analytics
The website uses Google Analytics to map the traffic on the website. This collection of traffic data is used to improve the website. Google must pass on the information that Google collects, including by means of cookies, to third parties, if this is required by law. Google may also pass this data on to third parties insofar as the data is processed by third parties on behalf of Google. World Food Center will not use the traffic data to track individual users.

So-called 'embedded content' is also used on a few pages. This can be, for example, a YouTube video, a widget or a social media button. By loading this information, cookies from the respective provider are also supplied. World Food Center has no influence on these cookies.

Settings regarding cookies
All commonly used internet browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and their equivalents for mobile devices) offer the option of completely deleting cookies and permanently refusing cookies via the respective settings.

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For more information about how we handle your data and your privacy, please refer to our Privacy declaration