Cultural Living Lab at WFC

Ede and Wageningen have added under the name Cultural Bloom Minister of Education, Culture and Science, Ingrid van Engelshoven, submitted a joint plan to increase the visibility and accessibility of culture. This week it was announced that scattered throughout the country, fifteen cultural testing grounds.

For Ede and Wageningen there will be a physical and mobile 'location' where involved parties and residents meet, exchange knowledge and ideas and set up and implement activities.

This mobile production site starts on the World Food Center site and then travels through the two municipalities. In addition, there is an online connection with similar other initiatives worldwide.

The experimental garden will be further elaborated in the coming months and will start on 1 September. The project has a duration of two years.

The idea is based on an initiative of the American artist Amar Bahshi who became known worldwide for his project 'shared studios".