The Experience

Central to the World Food Center Park is the World Food Center Experience. This Experience offers a true food adventure where consumers uniquely understand the complex story of the food chain.

A unique experience

The Experience wants to inspire visitors with games, stories, experiences and interaction to make conscious choices every day for tasty, healthy and sustainable food. Choices with a positive impact for themselves and for the world around them.

During a visit to the Experience, visitors explore four themes:

- the impact of nutrition on your own body,
- the food value chain,
- global food challenges,
- the role of the Netherlands in achieving a better future.

Visitors experience these topics in various ways; including digital interactive elements, live presentations, theater decors, 3D media, interactive physical activities and guided role play.

They see how our food comes on the plate, what choices they can make to live a healthier, more balanced and tastier life and what we can do - now and in the future - to take care of the humanity and the planet that feeds us.

The target groups for the WFC Experience are primarily families with children, pupils and students, but also international delegations.

The Experience is the beating heart of the World Food Center Park, an inspiring and lively new district of Ede in the heart of the Foodvalley and close to Wageningen University & Research.

See also the site of the WFC Experience