Dutch Food Week on World Food Day closed in style in WFC

Today, on World Food Day, the Dutch Food Week was concluded at the World Food Center in Ede with a full-day program for food professionals, built around the theme of circular food production.

Joke Schut Photography

The full room had to wait a moment for the opening words from Minister Carola Schouten. Her delay, caused by the farmers' protest, unwittingly illustrated that the food production system still faces major challenges in the Netherlands. Challenges that require transitions, changes that are by definition not easy. “But we just have to go to other ways of production, to circular food systems. Just as well in the Netherlands as in other parts of the world. The Netherlands can and must play an important role in this. "

Wiebe Draijer from Rabobank also sought the key in maximum cooperation throughout the entire chain. From producer to consumer, and from scientist to government and NGO. “Farmers can lead this transition, but the entire chain plays a role in this. Our current food system no longer works, that is clear. "

The morning ended with the launch of two Dutch initiatives aimed at helping the world out of hunger: the Netherlands Food Partnership and SEEDNL.

In the afternoon various workshops took place to further specify what it means to switch to circular food systems.

Parallel to this, some 200 young people from several countries worked on their own solutions a little further on at the WFC Youth World Food Day.




Another, and very concrete, interpretation of international cooperation and information sharing was facilitated in the 'golden container' of the Shared Studios project. Here, in a small space via a life-sized video conference, ideas could be exchanged with food professionals and farmers in Rwanda and Nairobi. Direct international cooperation with optimum use of technology.

The closing of the Dutch Food Week also marked the last day of the stimulating photo exhibition 'What we eat', which determined the image at the WFC during the past 11 days.