Edenaren enthusiastic

Edenaren enthusiastic about coming World Food Center to barracks

From the Gelderlander of 19 September 2018

EDE - It will take a few years before the shovel goes into the ground, but Ede was able to get a taste of the arrival of the World Food Center on Tuesday evening. The reactions were mostly positive.

The World Food Center (WFC) is coming. That is what alderman Leon Meijer is assuming, he said last night during an information meeting in the Maurits barracks. About a hundred curious people reported there to hear what exactly is going to happen in the barracks and how it is with the planning company. "As a coalition, we have agreed that this period will go through the church," says Meijer.
"And as far as I am concerned that means that it will continue."

He is optimistic about the financing and expects the first construction work to begin in 2021.

De Gelderlander of 19 September 2018