WUR Business Day: Finding answers together


Date Time
Date (s) - 26/09/2019
09:00 - 18:30


The inspiring Business Day at Wageningen Campus gives you an idea of how the latest and most relevant research and innovation topics can contribute to the innovation agenda of your organization.

Developments in technology and new innovations

Developments in technology and new innovations are central during the Business Day on 26 September 2019. This day offers managers, innovators, developers and policy makers the opportunity to become acquainted with six very current topics and offers an inspiring view of new technologies and their possible applications and impact. We will explain and discuss the topics new proteins, climate challenges, data and platforms, phenotyping, circularity challenges and the balance between nutrition and sustainability.

The interactive program offers SMEs, larger companies, start-ups, policy makers and other interested parties the opportunity to visualize, discuss and really experience innovation.

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