This is how nature enters the Veluwse Proeftuin

Sustainability and Veluwe are important pillars in the plans of the World Food Center. And that is also reflected in the 'nature-inclusive' designs of the houses. Architect Reinier Ubbels of Mix Architecten from Ede explain what that means for the apartments of the Veluwse Proeftuin that will go on sale soon.

“The connection with nature will soon be literally visible at the apartments of the north cluster of field N along the edge of the forest. Wooden frames with integrated planters almost bring nature into the home! The frames with plants provide natural sun protection and enhance biodiversity. Rainwater is collected and used to provide the plants with water. Birds find food in the fruit-bearing plants.

The large, wooden corner terraces provide space to enjoy a good and healthy meal between the plants, with a view over the Sysseltse forest of the Veluwe. The residents can also share a meal together in the collective living room or garden at the entrance.

The north cluster will soon be visible between the trees from Parklaan and, due to its appearance and use, will form a recognizable and representative part of the WFC. ”

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