Food Innovation District

In the World Food Center, companies (large, medium and start-ups), government, knowledge, science and education institutions and people with innovative ideas find each other and the general public. The World Food Center also offers the conditions for attracting and retaining talent on the labor market. This is a breeding ground for dreamers, cross thinkers, daring and doers who want to show their results to the world. And above all, business is done here!

Around the Experience, an area is being developed as a thematic Food Innovation District. WFC Development develops ultra-modern offices and lab facilities in a green environment.

This Food Innovation District complements the lively and mixed character of the area and offers space for knowledge institutions and innovative companies in agro & food (large, medium-sized and start-ups) to establish themselves here and to develop activities.

The combination of functions and facilities creates an ecosystem of innovation and promotes the production of ideas and their commercialization.

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