& #8216; Go for Color Lab & #8217 ;: Nudging works in supermarket

Research shows that you make around 200 food choices every day. For example, you decide what you want for breakfast, what food you put in your basket and whether you have another cup of coffee. The majority of those choices are impulsive, automatic and unconscious. They are strongly influenced by the food environment.

& #8216; Go for Color Lab & #8217; with Dirk
How strong that effect can be was demonstrated during the & #8216; Go for Color Lab & #8217;. A project aimed at increasing the consumption of fruit and vegetables, whereby a supermarket branch (Dirk) in Leidschenveen was transformed into a nudging laboratory for 6 weeks.
Nudges are small nudges that make it easier for people to use certain & #8211; in this case, healthy choices & #8211; to make.

The National Fruit and Vegetables Action Plan (NAGF) wants & #8211; in the context of the National Prevention Agreement & #8211; increase Dutch consumption of fruit and vegetables and at the end of 2018 started an experiment on the potential of nudges in the supermarket. This shows that consumers can be encouraged to buy more fruit and vegetables with a few simple nudges.

For the experiment, the Dirk branch in Leidschenveen was transformed into 'Go For Color Lab' for six weeks. Fruit and vegetables were given a more prominent place by subtle changes in the shopping environment. For the first time in the Netherlands, so many different nudges have been tested in a supermarket at the same time. It involved seven variations, including access gates, shopping cart inlays and a healthy selection at the checkout. The changes in sales figures have been comparedand with a Dirk control supermarket without nudges.

The lab was developed and carried out by Food Cabinet in collaboration with the Free University of Amsterdam and commissioned by the National Action Plan Fruit and Vegetables (NAGF).

Get started together
After the successful experiment, the NAGF is calling on other supermarkets to also get started and use nudging to stimulate fruit and vegetable sales over a longer period.

In the coming period, work will be carried out on a follow-up to the Go for Color Lab where nudging will also be used at other locations to help Dutch people eat healthier.

Interested? Please contact Sebastiaan Aalst via sebastiaan@foodcabinet.nl or Karin Bemelmans via bemelmans@nagf.nl