The municipality of Ede can continue to plan World Food Center area

The municipality of Ede can continue to work out the plans for the World Food Center (WFC) area and the WFC Experience. This is the conclusion after the council meeting on Thursday, September 26, where the Ede city council expressed its wishes and concerns about the plans for the WFC area.

Alderman Leon Meijer; "The past year was an exciting year for the World Food Center project and therefore for Ede. Major decisions had to be made for the future of the WFC. I am pleased that the city council has shown that it shares our view that it is logical from the past and present, but also for the future, to develop the WFC in Ede. From the importance of healthy and sustainable food, but also for employment in Ede, the arrival of the World Food Center is important. ”

How further?

The next step is to set up a foundation that goes further with the design and realization of the WFC Experience. At the same time, the tender for the selection of an operator for the WFC Experience is ongoing. The moment there is a design for the Experience, the municipality and province have a second opinion carried out on the business case and the visitor numbers. 

In the meantime, the municipality is drawing up a structural vision and a zoning plan for the homes and businesses that will soon settle on the WFC site.

WFC and the WFC Experience

The World Food Center area is the food meeting place for residents, companies, knowledge institutions and governments. Around the former Mauritskazerne, in addition to living and recreation, there will soon be room for business around the theme of Food in a broad sense.

The total area is 28 hectares, of which 1 hectare is intended for the WFC Experience: a place where visitors come for a unique educational food adventure, where visitors learn about eating and producing healthy and sustainable food and what this means for food issues. in the world.