The municipality of Ede tackles food waste

In Ede, four supermarkets donate their food surpluses to six social organizations. With these surpluses, they prepare 750 meals a month for lonely elderly people, people in poverty or with a drug history. The organizations, such as the Westhoffhuis and the Wekeromse Zand care farm, are happy with the food and can therefore keep the price of a meal low.

The Food Surplus Foundation has linked supermarkets and organizations, with support from the municipality of Ede. Part of the initiative is also that the chefs who work with the food receive a course to safely process the food into a dish. Alderman Hoefsloot issued the food safety (HACCP) certificate to the participants this morning at the end of the course. In addition, the supermarkets received door stickers and shelf cards from the alderman. This allows them to show customers that they want to prevent food waste. The Aldi in Lunteren, Plus in Bennekom, Coop in Wekerom and Jumbo Stadspoort in Ede are participating in this project. "I think it's great that we not only prevent food wastage in Ede, but at the same time ensure that civil society organizations can take better care of our vulnerable residents," said alderman Hoefsloot.

Cheap meals for more people

The Westhoffhuis in Lunteren has an open meal every other week where around 35 people from the neighborhood come to eat. Manager Ad Beckers of the Westhoffhuis: & #8220; With the donations we can keep the price of the meal low without compromising on quality and we reach more people ”. Eunice Heije from the Wekeromse Zand care farm is also pleased with the donations and the 'Food Safe Working' course. In the care farm, people who have been addicted are prepared for independent living and working. “Our residents help with the collection of food and the preparation of meals. As a result, they see why it is important to prevent food waste and how to handle food in the kitchen. " The four other social organizations that participate are Buurthuis de Meerpaal in Ede, social cultural center 't Laag in Bennekom, residents of Baronie in Bennekom and care farm Stichting Betach in Wekerom.

We are looking for more participants!

Councilor Hoefsloot is happy with the collaborations and hopes that more will follow. "If we see how much food is still wasted, this is just the beginning." Stichting Voedselsurplus is looking for more supermarkets and social organizations that want to participate in this project on behalf of the municipality of Ede. Interested parties can contact Stichting Voedselsurplus by sending an e-mail to