Ede City Council unanimously approves of Structural Vision

On Thursday, January 23, the Ede city council approved the structural vision and environmental impact assessment unanimously and unanimously. The WFC structural vision describes how the area is laid out. Where do houses or businesses go, which beautiful places do we want to protect and how do we deal with nature or parking?

The accompanying EIA plan (environmental impact assessment) can be read about the effects on the environment. The Council has adopted the structural vision with compliments. With the remark to look carefully at a varied range of sustainable homes and businesses.

Download the summary of the structural vision here

Structural vision and environmental impact assessment established, what does this mean?
Now that the structural vision and environmental impact assessment have been established, both documents are once again made available for inspection. A message about this appears in EdeStad, the Dutch Government Gazette and you can find it online via the website: https://zoek.officielebekendmakingen.nl. Are you curious about the structural vision? Download the handy summary here

Next steps
The World Food Center project continues with the decision on the structural vision. For example, the Municipality of Ede, together with developer World Food Center Development, is currently working on the development of building plans for the first offices and homes in the area.