Healthy eating remains central in Ede

After six weeks of summer recess, normal life started again last week. You notice it in the traffic, in the town hall that is full again with colleagues and the stream of children who go back to school after a long summer vacation. The holiday is over.

That normal life often includes, in addition to working or going to school, going to bed early, and also living a little healthier. During the holidays we give ourselves an ice cream, fries or a pizza a little more often. We go more often for an easy meal, logical; after all, it is vacation. But these meals are often somewhat unhealthier. More fat, more sugar and more salt. Sports also often fall in during these weeks. But now that the holiday is over, we pay attention again. There is more fruit and vegetables on the table and you see more runners and mountain bikers in the forest. The wine disappears again into the weekend.

Healthy and sustainable

But what exactly is that healthy living? Potatoes, meat and vegetables? Are potatoes actually healthy or are they high in carbohydrates? Is the best breakfast a sandwich with apple syrup or yogurt with granola and fruit?

In Ede we try to teach our residents more about healthy and sustainable food in different ways. Almost every school has a vegetable garden at school and students learn about food. A number of restaurants in Ede are also participating in the Restaurants of Tomorrow project, where staff learn about a sustainable way of making food and how to waste as little food as possible.

The World Food Center will be a place where this will all come together, a place where children, parents and grandparents can learn about the world of food in a fun and educational way. Food is an important theme for Ede.

Just as we deal with traffic, nature, sustainability, health care and much more, we do so with food. In this way we work together on more knowledge about sustainable and healthy food, on less food waste and what choices we have to make.


Alderman Leon Meijer about the role of food in Ede. 
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