Hey millennial: let's hear from you!

Dreamers, cross-thinkers, daredevils and doers. The World Food Center in Ede is bursting with enthusiasts who work diligently and passionately on an idea, creation, development or innovation. In this section we speak to special personalities who make this area what it is.

Sophie van Briemen (28) connects, enriches and surprises young food professionals with the GEN • F network

“I am from Rotterdam and live in Den Bosch, but I prefer to learn and work in this area. I first discovered this region in 2015, while studying Management, Economics & Consumer Studies at Wageningen University. At that time I was already surprised by all initiatives around food and innovation in Ede and Wageningen. This place continues to attract me, so much is happening. It's great that since last year, as the face of the youth network GEN • F, I have been able to provide other young food professionals with a good dose of inspiration. ”

Live from Studio GEN • F
“By young food pros, for young food pros. That is the power of GEN • F. Normally we see each other regularly during company visits or during cool meet-ups. But that is a bit different in times of corona… That is why I am here today! Tomorrow I will present the first broadcast of GEN • F Live together with my colleague Jim Korteweg. In less than five days, we have realized a studio in the Mauritskazerne together with colleagues from communication agency Shoot My Food, inspiration platform Food Inspiration and network organization Foodservice Network. ”

Dare to be Yourself
“We will discuss the future of the food sector together with inspiring speakers from within and outside the industry and our own members at the studio table. Because of course everyone sees and hears all kinds of news in these times. But what exactly happens in our sector? You not only learn from the world around you, but we also learn from each other. What are other young marketing, F&B sales or HR managers struggling with? How do they deal with the challenges and where do they see opportunities? I hope GEN • F encourages peers to make themselves heard earlier. When you are just starting your career it can sometimes be quite difficult to go against someone with twenty years more experience. Especially now that you may no longer be sure of your job. However, my advice is: don't wait too long to share your opinion and ideas. Dare to be yourself, which will ultimately only benefit your manager. ”

Crisis and millennials
“Our focus is on young professionals. But the broadcast of Studio GEN • F can also be interesting for their managers. It nicely maps out what such a crisis does to millennials. What do they lie awake about, what are their needs and how do they deal with a period of uncertainty? Despite the uncertainties, I think that such a crisis also brings a lot of peace. When everything comes to a standstill you ask yourself: should I always be everywhere? Secretly it was also nice to have a rest. Especially if you know that everyone is obliged to sit at home. I hope that the less fully planned agenda will remain, so we will have more room for spontaneity. ”