Through my eyelashes I see them already entering Ede. Those 330,000 people who annually visit the World Food Center Experience. It is a dream that I, as chairman of the Steering Group World Food Center, worked hard together with others over the past year.

The World Food Center is in a crucial phase. A number of major steps have been taken last year. First of all there is the master plan for the Experience. The plan where Experience designer BRC worked intensively for a year. And they are not alone: 30 different organizations looked closely at BRC's fingers to ensure that the right challenges are highlighted while the 'fun' of the food adventure is not lost. There is now a wonderful master plan that we will further colorize and realize in 2019. The enthusiasm and commitment of the various partners has increased again. And that is when you see the plans understandable.

The importance of good, healthy and sustainable food for Dutch consumers is widely recognized. A good example of this is the recently concluded National Prevention Agreement. I was allowed to lead the theme table 'excessive alcohol consumption' as chairman. Together with various partners we have come to agreements to tackle this problem. In connection with the agreements on smoking and overweight, we are working on a healthier society. The Prevention Agreement underlines the need for a WFC. A center where people learn more about healthy food in an inspiring way. The WFC also draws attention internationally, as evidenced by the involvement of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in the development of the Experience.

During the city discussion in September, it became clear that many residents and entrepreneurs from Ede were also interested in the plans for the WFC. What will happen in that Experience? Can I come and live here with my family? Can I find a job here? It is just a few of the questions that were asked during this evening. Also in 2019 we would like to talk to you about talking about these topics.

2019 is an important year for the WFC. We will add the deed to the word. That means, among other things; to concretize the building plans and to experiment in the field with initiatives relating to Food. In short, we are going to fill the Maurits barracks with WFC elements.

Foodvalley event in Mauritskazerne, December 13, 2018

2019 will be the year that we physically see the first contours of the WFC on the barracks. That we are taking the ambitions of Ede Foodstad a step further and actually make a substantial contribution to a more conscious and healthier diet of the consumer: We Feed Each Other!

I hope to meet you in 2019 during one of the many activities at the WFC and wish everyone a consciously healthy 2019!

Leon Meijer
Chairman of the steering committee WFC and alderman of the municipality of Ede

From the WFC Newsletter of December 2018