Masterplan WFC Experience

A unique educational food adventure in Ede

The WFC Experience will be an eductive attraction and will take 330,000 visitors on a personal food adventure from 2022 onwards. In this way they become playfully aware of all aspects of our food and of the consequences associated with the choice of daily food. Numerous organizations from industry, government, science and education are involved in the development of the Experience.

We live in a time where we have become increasingly distant from the production of our food. At the same time there are major challenges such as overweight, hunger and climate change. The WFC Experience brings people back in touch with the way food is produced and consumed worldwide. The attraction lets people experience the impact of food on their bodies, how the food chain works, what the national and international food challenges are and how the Netherlands can contribute to solving this. All this in an exciting, attractive and fascinating way, making the WFC Experience not only a fun outing for the whole family, but also encouraging people to opt for healthy and sustainable food.

Goals of the WFC Experience

1. Providing a balanced insight into the certainties and uncertainties in food and the food chain.

2. The WFC Experience must have an (inter) national appearance where the importance of nutrition and the functioning of the food chain can be seen, and experienced in a transparent, challenging, inspiring and interactive way.

3. WFC must be able to develop into a generally recognized meeting center and positive symbol for the food sector in and outside the Netherlands. The WFC plays an active role in the social debate in which all aspects of food are connected in a good way to the (international) challenges we face.

4. The WFC is a place where Dutch companies and knowledge institutions meet and inspire each other and thus show the role the Netherlands plays in tackling the major global challenges.

5. The WFC offers an international showcase for the excellent Dutch agrofood sector. It also provides space for a research program that links science and industry and that facilitates and stimulates open innovation.

Authority, trust and transparency

In order to regain the "trust" of the consumer, the WFC must develop into "the authority" in areas such as globalization, sustainability, food safety and nutritional value. In addition, WFC fits the social debate and profiles itself with scientifically founded positions, and proactive, comprehensible communication.

The WFC Experience strictly adheres to the scientific, substantiated and factual story, without a commercial interest. At the same time, the WFC Experience will become an attraction that should be attractive for the defined target group (fun).

Final presentation Masterplan WFC Experience

A visit to the World Food Center encourages and helps people to contribute to a healthy, tasty and sustainable future for themselves and their families, the Netherlands and the world.

We achieve this with fun, authentic, educational experiences based on stories, with the emphasis on the pioneering role of the Netherlands in the field of global food production and research, food security and safety and the health of humanity and the earth.

The Great Food Adventure

During their journey through three different experience zones, the visitors immerse themselves in four themes. These themes deal with the human body, the food value chain, the global food challenges and the leading role of the Netherlands in achieving a better future. Visitors can explore these topics in any order, but on quiet days they are guided through a route with a fixed order.

They experience these topics with digital interactive elements, live presentations, theater decors, 3D-media, interactive practical, physical activities and supervised role-playing with which they see how our food arrives on the plate, which choices the visitors can make to a healthier, more balanced ( and tastier) life and what we can do (now and in the future) to take care of humanity and the planet that feeds us.

After the visit of the various zones, visitors must leave with different knowledge or feelings:

Zone 1: The individual body
"I can choose food that is healthy for me and sustainable for the earth. Here at the World Food Center I learned that that is not so difficult at all! "

Zone 2: The Food Value Chain
"I did not know that the food value chain is international and contains so many links, quality and safety measures. I can do something myself by making sustainable choices. "

Zone 3: Global food challenges
"Now I understand that we have to produce food in new ways to tackle urbanization, climate change and the growth of the world population. That requires scientific research. "

Zone 4: The role of the Netherlands
"Now I understand that the Netherlands is a very important food country, both in production and in innovation. The food sector is very interesting. Maybe I can find work in it! "

Open stage

A very important part to be able to come to 'the full story' is the space for debate, for nuance, for opposites. An 'Open podium' room has been set up for this purpose in line with the central hall. There are flexible exhibitions at this square, a small open-air theater. Here, visitors can listen to live and pre-recorded debates and presentations from leading experts on specific food-related topics, with the emphasis on the latest research results and current dilemmas and controversies.

The program offer is suitable for a wide audience throughout the day / week / month / year (from young and older children to adults, general public to academic to government, national to international, etc.). But all programming in the Open Podium is all about one central question: 'How are we going to solve these problems so that we can continue to feed each other now and in the future?'

The formula can vary from lively debates between experts from the food sector to 'game shows' for school children or the general public.

Possible subjects are enough: the health debate on sweeteners with and without calories, underlying causes of obesity and how this problem can be tackled, food versus vitamin supplements, the sustainability of animal proteins, the ethics of different types of packaging, the GMO debate ...

Theater experience 'New researchers'

At this show, central to the Experience, the audience is immersed in the legendary discovery of the current Dutch researchers who lead the expedition of mankind towards a future of sufficient, safe, healthy and sustainable food for everyone.

Spectacular farewell (Departure)

Just before departure, visitors enter a room with a large fantasy machine à la Rube Goldberg / Willy Wonka behind various large glass windows. At each window they choose one of the most important ingredients that they have followed during their journey. Here a meal is prepared.

World stories about food, for online

Since storytelling is an important part of a communal meal, visitors can record their own stories about food with a WFC Story Pod. These stories can then be merged for online use by the World Food Center, added to their personal WFC reminder or on the digital wall coming into the WFC Attraction Hub. These experiences also form an important part of the online community that has to emerge around the World Food Center.