New construction industrial housing Bouwveld C

Impression of 'Bouwveld C' behind the national monumental Frisokazerne

Bouwveld C is located behind the national monumental Frisokazerne and is part of the World Food Center. Here 4 new buildings are being realized with a total surface area of 6,000 m2 GFA. In addition to office villas of 500 m2, there will also be a multi-company building. Whether you want to rent your own office building, or prefer to connect with like-minded people in an inspiring and dynamic business collection building: almost anything is possible here. Buy and rent.   

Prime location
The location right next to the Ede-Wageningen train station and in the midst of the vibrancy of the World Food Center, makes this place a prime location for food entrepreneurs and organizations. The location is being developed into the lively center of the World Food Center area, including the arrival of the World Food Center Experience and catering.

Old and new are designed in harmony both in the public space and in the buildings of building field C. The ingredients for 'military past' and 'innovation and interaction' are the trendsetters in the development of this sub-area. Four of the buildings are surrounded by gardens that soften the space and reflect the food theme of the World Food Center area.

Download the draft allotment plan of Bouwveld C.

Download the Image Quality Plan of Bouwveld C

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