New partner for WFCD

BPD (Bouwfonds Property Development) has joined GREEN and Van Wijnen's World Food Center (WFC) area development project. The triumvirate will further develop and realize this unique new city district in Ede. The municipal council of B&W of the municipality of Ede gave its permission for this this week. This means cooperation between the parties is a fact and the development of the World Food Center can be continued energetically. The contract for this was signed today at Provada, the largest real estate exchange in the Netherlands.   

The three parties work together under the flag of World Food Center Development (WFCD), the developing company in which BPD, Van Wijnen and GREEN are now each a third shareholder. This company is responsible for area development, housing and the realization of the Food Innovation District. BPD has extensive experience as an area developer with the development of hybrid locations, where living, working and recreation go hand in hand. 

Aart Jan Verdoold, Managing Director of GREEN Real Estate: “We, WFCD, are pleased that we have now been able to reinforce ourselves with a third, once the area development of the former barracks around the Maurits and Friso barracks really starts strong developer. With BPD, GREEN and Van Wijnen, we form a powerful organization that is able to transform this area. BPD's previous experiences with the development of the barracks areas in Ede show that this area is ideally suited to transform into a unique location where living, working and recreation come together with innovation, experience and education in the field of food. A unique project, not only for Ede and Gelderland, but for the whole of the Netherlands. "

Frans Holleman, director of the North-East and Central Netherlands region of BPD: “Our shareholding in World Food Center Development is a logical next step for us as an area developer in the transformation of the former barracks in Ede. We are proud that we can be part of this, and that together with GREEN and Van Wijnen we can realize a multifunctional area that will become a new working environment and a new home for many people from Ede and the surrounding area. ”