The World Food Center is in the news a lot at the moment. A lot is said and written about it, but not everything is clear. On the page about the WFC, therefore, the Municipality of Ede reviews the most important information of this moment: What is the World Food Center even thoughRead more
While the summer has started, and people left and right go on vacation, the World Food Center Experience continues to work hard. Before the scenes, this is especially evident in the increasing number of events taking place at the WFC, around the barracks, in the Maurits barracks and in the Akoesticum. This is what happens behind the scenesRead more
On Saturday, July 13, Foodlog is organizing a debate at the World Food Center in Ede (location Akoesticum) about the consequences of the PAS (Nitrogen Approach Program). Consequences for farmers, but also for biodiversity and food production. No doubt a lively debate! Click here to sign up (free of charge!). The Nitrogen Approach Program (PAS)Read more
With the opening of the Mauritskazerne on Monday 1 July, the World Food Center once again has a beautiful and professional event location. The national monument building from 1906 has been transformed by the Teka group into a pop-up location for events and meetings. The Mauritskazerne will house the World Food Center Experience in a few years. The statelyRead more