Albert Heijn is taking a new step in reducing food waste with the dynamic discounting test. Products are automatically discounted based on the best-before date: the shorter the best-before date, the higher the discount. A computer system takes into account various factors that influence the sale of a product in order to calculate the best discount. Read more
The World Food Center Experience wants to make people aware of what they eat and how their food choices affect themselves and the world around them. More conscious choices must lead to better choices. But to achieve actual behavioral change, awareness alone is not enough. When we have other things on our mind, Read more
Now that the World Food Center Experience is in the next phase of development and realization, Rabobank has decided to record the existing collaboration for several years. Rabobank has entered into a cooperation agreement with World Food Center Development, responsible for the development and implementation of the entire World Food Center area. The World Food Read more
When the budgets from the province of Gelderland and the municipality of Ede were finally confirmed at the end of March, a new chapter for the World Food Center Experience began. To create a strong Experience, something else must first be built: a strong organization. Get this new organization for the World Food Center Experience Read more