The WFC comes in a special place: the barracks in Ede. Monumental, magazine about living, working and relaxing, made a beautiful end-of-year special about the development of the barracks. Of course the WFC could not be missed. There are seven barracks at the Nieuwe Kazernelaan in Ede. This was once the home base for more than 7,000 military personnel, according to Monumentaal, Read more

December 19, 2018


Through my eyelashes I see them already entering Ede. Those 330,000 people who annually visit the World Food Center Experience. It is a dream that I, as chairman of the Steering Group World Food Center, worked hard together with others over the past year. The World Food Center is in a crucial phase. Being last year Read more
On 13 December, the Mauritskazerne at the WFC was transformed into something that was somewhere between a Christmas market and a Food Innovation XPO. Against an atmospheric backdrop of white-snowed Christmas trees, visitors were introduced to various food innovations from inside and outside the Foodvalley. Think of vegan sausage rolls (not to distinguish from ordinary sausage rolls) Read more
Our food is more than just the nutritional value, or the calories. Food connects people. The business lunch is not for nothing. It mildly agrees people. And also the love of the man is still going through the stomach. Just as good as that of the woman. A universal truth worldwide. Three times a day. If Read more