That is why the business community believes in WFC

The arrival of WFC Experience is another step closer now that large companies and organizations have officially linked their name to the plan. Why do these famous parties believe in WFC and how do they see their involvement?
Gerard Hardeman, Director Savory Ingredients, DSM Food Specialties:
"One of the biggest global issues is how we will continue to provide the world's population with healthy and nutritious food in a sustainable manner. Simply 'doing more of the same' does not apply; the global food chain - from farmer to consumer, from manufacturer of food ingredients to restaurant owner, from supermarket to transport company - will have to innovate and work together to achieve this. DSM is the world's largest producer of vitamins and micronutrients, essential nutrients for humans and animals. We also make special ingredients for food manufacturers worldwide who make food and drink healthier, tastier, safer and more sustainable, making food production more efficient and reducing waste. In addition to DSM, there are many other companies and institutions in the Netherlands with knowledge and expertise in the field of food and nutrition. The Netherlands must retain its pioneering role in finding solutions and inspiring others around the sustainable food theme. It is of great importance to share that knowledge of Dutch companies and knowledge institutions with consumers and other stakeholders. The WFC will be an attractive, informative meeting place where the Dutch food industry collaborates with various stakeholders in the Netherlands. It creates an additional signboard for Dutch innovations, research and development. DSM is proud to contribute to this. "
Marit van Egmond, commercial director Albert Heijn:
"Albert Heijn has been involved with WFC from the beginning, because we believe in an inspiring place where everything about food comes together. It is a beautiful, international showcase for our agro-food and horticultural sector. Everyone can see and experience the total food chain here in one place. This is important at times when more than ever transparency is required. In addition, WFC facilitates cooperation between other parties in the food industry. We do a lot together with regular suppliers, but now also come into contact with an organization like Wageningen University & Research and seed breeders. The threshold is lower.
Co-creation and development of new products are central to Albert Heijn. For us, WFC is primarily a place where all conditions are optimal for innovative activities related to food. We have short lines with other companies, scientists, developers and producers. The presence of start-ups creates a nice dynamic in making innovative ideas concrete. What also counts is that we connect with consumers in a different way. We work together with consumers at a location outside the Albert Heijn store, for example with taste tests that are organized differently. "
Jan Klerken, owner Scelta Mushrooms:
"WFC Experience becomes the international meeting place for the agrofood sector. Together we create a special experience world where consumers, producers and researchers come into contact with each other in an educational, informative and inspiring way. There is a nice physical and virtual platform with a special dynamic that offers plenty of opportunities. In our view, this is the best way to link our sector to consumers.
Scelta Mushrooms believes in the power of WFC Experience and we will contribute in our own way. The Kids University for Cooking, to which we are affiliated as a partner, is responsible for the inspiring and educational part in WFC Experience. Scelta Mushrooms would very much like the 'mushroom experience' - how is the mushroom grown? What is possible with mushrooms? - to convey to visitors. "
Teun Verheij, General Director of Albron:
"The basis of WFC Experience is the food value chain. The Experience will be an experience in combination with entertainment and education. The entire process - nature, science, farm, factory, retailer, preparation and consumption - is visible here. This is in line with Albron's vision and policy when it comes to making its services in the area of ​​food and drink more sustainable. Not only of products themselves but of the entire chain. Public education is an essential part of this. Albron believes in an integrated approach to sustainability. Albron will act as a partner in the intended initiative and will take care of the concept development, realization and exploitation of the catering industry in the Experience. Albron is prepared to make a significant contribution as a leader in sound, relevant knowledge & know-how. In addition, Albron is available to contribute to the development vision of the Experience. The starting point is that we thereby fill the catering industry in such a way that it strengthens the identity of the Experience. "

Universities join forces in WFC Experience

Thanks to the large stream of visitors of two hundred to three hundred thousand people per year, WFC Experience offers plenty of opportunities for an extensive research program on healthy and sustainable food. The universities of Groningen, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Utrecht and Wageningen are in control. They do so in consultation with TIFN, the Food Alliance and the Food & Cognition research program (in formation) and work together with the business community and the government. The research program bridges the gap between research worlds.
"There is increasing research with, for and by consumers. The difference with the research that was carried out until recently is that the consumer is now being looked at much more widely. Moreover, we will go deeper into it. What does he eat? What would be healthier for him? Why does he choose one or the other? What is the impact of that? WFC Experience offers us many opportunities to gather more information about this, "says Brenda Israel, business relations manager at Wageningen University & Research.
There are four themes: health, consumer behavior, co-creation and a sustainable and safe food chain. The research also looks at the mutual relationships between the themes. "We connect worlds and have broad expertise. In the studies we link nutrition to, among other things, medical aspects and behavioral sciences. "Fictitious examples: what does text do on food packaging? And what perception do people have on healthy eating?
Scientifically relevant and practical
WFC Experience attracts many visitors every year who can participate in the study without obligation. There is a good chance that the research teams will be able to bind larger numbers of people to projects. "That offers starting points. We can sketch the general picture on the one hand, but we can also take target groups into account. By selecting on ages and specific characteristics, for example. The researchers' results can also become very personal, "says Brenda Israël of Wageningen University & Research.
The link with WFC gives the research a broader scope. That is good for both the research and its impact. The idea is that the research program connects with other parties that are involved in WFC Experience. There are in-depth scientific studies that take a long time. The research will be coordinated with large research programs such as TiFN and Food & Cognition. In addition, the experts work on applied research.

WFC Experience must touch the hearts of visitors

For the development of WFC Experience, WFC Development cooperates with the renowned BRC Imagination Arts. No other agency worldwide that is better able to sketch and produce a design for an experiential world. "We bring stories to life for the leading brands and organizations. That way we deliver unforgettable memories to visitors ", says managing director Bart Dohmen.
BRC Imagination Arts will start with the research and brainstorming phase in January. For those activities and for the follow-up project, the international agency has an extensive team in the starting blocks. Leisure Development Partners calculates the project. According to Dohmen, the latter is an essential element.
The big goal is to win the hearts of visitors with an appealing experience. Emotions are important in this. "Take amusement parks. Why does one park have seven hundred thousand visitors and the other four million? That has to do with emotion. One park is fun, visitors to the other park are overwhelmed and recommend it to family and friends. Together with Leisure Park Development we are looking for a concept that touches both people and has a good business case. "
WFC Experience: challenging
BRC Imagination Arts works for large international companies in the food industry, automotive and entertainment corner. Dohmen calls WFC Experience an 'interesting project'. "Food is a topic that appeals to many people and is current. Just look at the range of cooking programs on television and the many food bloggers. I am convinced that we can lose our egg. We develop an experience where all ins and outs of the food value chain are shared in an honest and uncolored way. "
The fact that both knowledge institutions and companies and governments are involved in WFC Experience makes the project extra challenging. "After all, all parties have the same goal: to communicate with the consumer. We are working towards that. "

Realization WFC Experience starts


The realization of the World Food Center (WFC) in Ede is rapidly coming closer now that WFC Development, Wageningen University & Research, the business community and the government have taken the next step. They give the green light for the concrete elaboration of WFC Experience. In this experiential world visitors come to know everything about food in a creative and inspiring way. The well-known American BRC Imagination Arts leads the development on behalf of the parties involved. Today, Albert Heijn, Scelta Mushrooms, DSM, Wageningen University & Research, Albron, Ede municipality, Gelderland province and WFC Development have signed an agreement to this end.
In WFC Experience the complete story about the food value chain is told. Visitors experience how food is produced, processed, transported and eaten. Health and sustainability in relation to nutrition are important themes. The experience center offers a creative experience with space for education, science and entertainment. Visitors, expected to 200,000 to 300,000 per year, can smell, feel, taste and undertake.
"What we are going to do now is completely new. The Netherlands is a front runner and leads the way in the international agrofood sector. In an iconic location, in the middle of the Food Valley, companies, knowledge institutions and governments make our agrofood sector visible. Everyone can see and experience that ", says Cees van Bemmel, director of WFC Development.
Leading experience
BRC Imagination Arts is engaged to develop WFC Experience. This is a reputable agency worldwide that creates great experience concepts for well-known brands, companies, governments and cultural organizations. The agency has repeatedly designed the American pavilion at the World Expo. Now she goes to work for WFC Experience to present the story about the food value chain in an uncolored and honest way. WFC Experience will be a place where the Netherlands presents itself as a global leader in the agro-food sector. The realization of the first phase of WFC Experience will start in the third quarter of 2017.
Creating and sharing knowledge
In WFC Experience visitors can also participate in research programs. This is an initiative of five universities (Groningen, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Utrecht and Wageningen) in consultation with TiFN, the Food Alliance and the Food and Cognition research program (in formation). The goal is to make an important contribution to the development and optimization of healthy and sustainable foods. There are four themes: health, consumer behavior, co-creation and a sustainable and safe food chain. The research is promising because it forms a bridge between, among other things, the agro-food sector, behavioral sciences and the medical world. Moreover, with the strong flow of visitors, there is a chance to cooperate with larger numbers of people.
Business takes part
The BRC Imagination Arts team starts the development vision at WFC Experience in January. It determines how the world of experience will ultimately look like. This is done in close collaboration with Albert Heijn, Scelta Mushrooms, DSM, Wageningen University & Research, Albron, Ede municipality, Gelderland province and WFC Development. These are the first parties that have signed an agreement today on the site where the experience center is being established. More parties are expected to join.
Alderman Johan Weijland of the municipality of Ede: "As a municipality, we are proud that concrete steps are now being taken and companies are committing themselves. We are not the leader in the field of food for nothing. And now that the WFC has even been included in the National Food Agenda, the World Food Center can only be a great success. "Deputy Bea Schouten of the province of Gelderland:" WFC Experience will be the international meeting place for the agro-food sector. A world of experience where consumers, producers and researchers interact with each other in an interactive way. By smelling, feeling and tasting you will soon find out everything about food. It's great that the business community is also putting its weight on this. "
The WFC is an initiative of WFC Development BV (a collaboration between Green Real Estate BV and Van Wijnen Groep NV), the municipality of Ede, Wageningen University & Research and the World Food Centers Foundation.
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