"First set up an independent foundation"

When the budgets from the province of Gelderland and the municipality of Ede were finally confirmed at the end of March, a new chapter for the World Food Center Experience began. To create a strong Experience, something else must first be built: a strong organization. This new organization for the World Food Center Experience will take the form of an independent foundation and Marcel Goossens has been hired from 1 April as Director / Quarter Maker to set up the new organization. Marcel comes from Project organization P2 and specializes in complex, food-related projects.

What does a Quartermaster do?

“The realization of a project like the World Food Center always has different phases. The first exploratory and inventory phases are mainly about preparation, testing and creating support, both in the form of a partner network and in the area of financing. A team from WFCD, the municipality of Ede and the province of Gelderland worked intensively on this. Now that this phase has been completed, a new organization must be built that focuses on the World Food Center Experience. I am now the Quartermaster, the one who must take the first steps to realize this organization. "

“That starts with the establishment of the independent foundation. Very important because we work with a lot of public funds. For this, statutes and a notarial legal structure must be drawn up. At the same time, we have drawn up profile sketches for the board members of the foundation and are actively looking for them. Then you have to think about which people will need more in the organization and which spaces and resources you need. Finally, the regional deal with the government also plays a role in the background, about which there will be more clarity this summer, and in which we are also actively participating. After the summer we will continue to work on concept development and connecting both an architect and an operator. All things that a quartermaster is concerned with. These steps require a great deal of precision and are accompanied by careful tendering processes because so much community money is involved. "

"While we put our new house in order, we must also continue to ensure that the network that has already been built around WFC - with the various agri-food companies, the WUR, the NGOs and the educational institutions - remains fully in order"

Lines come together

“The reason that I am so excited to be able to do this for the WFC Experience is that a number of lines come together for me here. I have been working at P2 for 18 years on constantly changing projects. That means setting up a new organization over and over again, sometimes as an internal project team but more often as a fully independent organization, as is the case here with the WFC Experience. ”

“My second line is that - after graduating in Wageningen - I have been working in food all my career. Often in complex projects at both companies and government organizations. ”

“The third line is that of the experiences. I worked on the Tony Chocolonely Experience and was responsible for the realization of the current Heineken Experience. In the latter, I also worked closely with BRC, the company that also laid down the master plan for the WFC Experience here. ”

Food is hot!

“I think there is a great need for WFC Experience and what it will offer. Even when I was still studying in Wageningen, I was surprised that so few people knew how important, large and innovative the food sector is in the Netherlands. With the WUR we also have the absolute world top in the field of knowledge and education. In recent years, interest in food has exploded. We now have 24-hour cooking channels on TV and almost always a top-ten book with some cookbooks in it. Food is hot. And with that the discussion about it, because there are many opinions and few absolute truths, it seems. The WFC Experience is an ideal platform for telling a nuanced and multi-faceted food story. ”

“A lot is already happening around food, but as a WFC Experience you can certainly add something by allowing people to really experience something in a new and spectacular way and thereby creating awareness. By allowing NGOs to speak and highlighting potential points for discussion from multiple sides, you create clear added value. Nowadays these kinds of debates often take place in Amsterdam, but there is no reason why that is not possible here. "

Make the Experience visible

“Since the first cautious steps in planning around the World Food Center in 2011, a great deal of thorough work has already been done. So I can continue to build on everything that is already there. My starting point consists of 4 building blocks: the Master Plan, the Business Case, the calculation of visitor numbers by LDP and the Memorandum of Starting Points. We can continue that well. ”

“I would now like to take up the further realization of the master plan as quickly as possible, because I know from experience that the more concrete you make things, the more discussion you get. You can tell a lot with artist impressions, but only when you start construction does it really become clear to people what will or will not be and how visible certain things are. That was no different with the Heineken Experience. In general, everyone agrees, but as soon as it is realized in practice, the discussion only begins. And then you as an organization must be prepared and equipped for that. I expect to be a long way after the summer! ”