As a reinforcement of the WFC as a whole and the Experience in particular, a number of substantive programs are being prepared, including in the area of consumer research and food education.

Research program

Research plays an important role in innovation. A transition of food systems is only possible by taking on the challenges in an innovative and different way with consumers. The research program focuses on nutrition in relation to health, consumer behavior, co-creation and sustainable / safe food chain.

The WFC Research program is unique in the Netherlands because of the exclusive opportunity for large-scale consumer research around the visitors of the WFC Experience. The UN organization FAO also follows the research program with great interest.

The WFC research program aims to understand more about the impact of different communication strategies on consumer decision-making. This is to develop new and more effective information tools for professionals, governments and industry.

Wageningen TiFN has the role of secretary and Ronald Visschers, Managing Director of TiFN, coordinates the efforts to achieve a solid and unique research program: 
"Making a well-informed free choice with regard to your diet is not that simple. Try to combine healthy and sustainable, then all sorts of questions arise. Such as: Are e-numbered ingredients good or bad for me? Is eating more protein good for my health? Are organically grown vegetables more sustainable than their greenhouse counterparts? "

"The WFC research program has a unique set-up, combining teaching methods, intervention studies and participatory research into food choices. It will measure the long-term impact and use the 330,000 visitors to the WFC to discover how consumers and citizens make food choices. Together we will learn how consumers can best be informed, for example via social media, games or participatory actions. "

There is still room for companies to participate in this special Research Program. Interested? Then contact Ronald Visschers via