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The World Food Center

The challenge

The ever growing world population and increasing pressure on the planet lead to huge challenges in the food chain. More so, our day to day choices have an impact on our body and our environment. To provide enough, nutritious and sustainable food for everyone today and in the future, a radical change in how we produce and consume food is needed.

The approach

The World Food Center unites consumers and organizations and stimulates them to take more responsibility and join forces to find solutions for challenges in the food chain we face today and in the future. We feed each other. we feed each other.

The World Food Center is the place to be for food. A place where consumers, private partners, knowledge institutes and governments can share knowledge and inspire one another. The lively urban area adds to both an eventful and meaningful lasting awareness among consumers and provide breeding ground for innovation.

World Food Center Experience

The World Food Center Experience offers an educational food adventure where consumers in a playful way get to understand the complex story of the food chain. The goal is to inspire visitors to make conscious choices every day for tasty, healthy and sustainable food.

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Why the WFC Experience will really touch visitors. By Harry Veldhuis, WFCD Area Development We are going to experience it together: the arrival of the World Food Center Experience. I know, the term experience is sometimes used in the house and in the wrong place, but in this case I really can not find another word for it. Read more
TiFN meeting 2901
Secretariat for the research program TiFN organized a very useful 'open meeting' for all companies and other interested parties in the research program of the WFC. This meeting was intended to further expand the existing consortium of knowledge institutions, companies and the government. The WFC Research Program aims to understand more how consumers change their behavior Read more
The following message can also be read on the website of the Municipality of Ede. Provincial Executive of the Province of Gelderland and the Edese College of Mayor and Aldermen have today approved the further development and realization of the World Food Center Experience (WFC Experience). This decision is a thorough investigation into the Read more
Foodvalley NL and ScaleUp Company support the Foodvalley Accelerator scale-ups in the agrifood sector. The Foodvalley Accelerator is intended for Dutch companies with a scalable product or service and a turnover of at least 100,000 euros. The meetings will take place on the grounds of the WFC in Ede. The step from a successful startup to Read more

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Experience WFC

Experience the Experience

Central to the World Food Center is the World Food Center Experience. This Experience offers a true food adventure where consumers uniquely understand the complex story of the food chain.

The Experience wants to inspire visitors with games, stories, experiences and interaction to make conscious choices every day for tasty, healthy and sustainable food. Conscious choices with a positive impact for themselves and for the world around them.

Show what nutrition does to the body, your environment and the world and help to change the eating habits of consumers to a healthier and more sustainable diet.

Each year the WFC Experience will receive 330,000 visitors for a unique food experience. There is room for dialogue in the futuristic theater with 3D projections and holograms. The Experience has its own labs and kitchens and is suitable for conferences and TV recordings.

It is the meeting place for consumers, food professionals, knowledge institutions and agrofood companies and shows that the Netherlands is a world player in agrofood.