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The World Food Center

In an area rich in food history, a magical place with meaning for the future emerges

In Ede, in the Foodvalley region and close to Wageningen University & Research, the former Maurits Zuid barracks area is being transformed into the food meeting place in the Netherlands: the World Food Center. A place where companies and organizations settle down, where visitors playfully learn everything about our food and where people live, work and come home. Here, makers, companies and organizations, from start-ups to veterans, show their food innovations to a wide audience and fruitful collaborations flourish. A place where food is central and the breathtaking nature of the Veluwe literally enters the area.

The challenge

The world population is growing, the climate is increasingly under pressure. The challenge of providing everyone with sufficient healthy and sustainable food is greater than ever. How can we produce more efficiently in the future? And how do we keep the impact on the environment as small as possible? How can we eat healthier and waste less?

A change is needed to a different way of producing and consuming: a new way of thinking. Collaboration,
dialogue and awareness play an important role in this. The World Food Center encourages us to take responsibility and to jointly examine the food issues of today and tomorrow. With the motto: "We feed each other".

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World Food Center reveals plan for crowd puller WFC Experience Experience enthusiastically received, more companies involved in further development The realization of the World Food Center (WFC) in Ede has again come a few steps closer. The American BRC Imagination Arts, specializing in the design of special attractions and experiences (including the Heineken Experience), has oneRead more
World Food Center begins to fill 70 new 'residents' for creative agrofood hub The World Food Center in Ede is filling more and more. On 1 June Food Inspiration, Shoot My Food Communication, Foodservice Network, Fan Factory, Foodstep, PS in foodservice and SJIFT have moved into the former Frisokazerne on site.Read more
Food agenda meets World Food Center during Mash Up Meeting During a Mash Up Meeting on Thursday 20 April, a number of ministries, the municipality of Ede, Food Valley NL, the province of Gelderland and various agrofood companies came together to explore opportunities where (international) ambitions of the Food Agenda and the future programs of the WorldRead more

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Experience WFC

Experience the Experience

Central to the World Food Center is the World Food Center Experience. This Experience offers a true food adventure where consumers uniquely understand the complex story of the food chain.

The Experience wants to inspire visitors with games, stories, experiences and interaction to make conscious choices every day for tasty, healthy and sustainable food. Conscious choices with a positive impact for themselves and for the world around them.

The WFC Experience will receive 330,000 visitors a year for a unique food experience. There is room for dialogue in the futuristic theater with 3D projections and holograms. The Experience has its own labs and kitchens and is suitable for conferences and TV recordings.

It is the meeting place for consumers, food professionals, knowledge institutions and agrofood companies and shows that the Netherlands is a world player in agrofood.