The World Food Center is getting more and more shape. During the year there are numerous events and activities where food is central.

The World Food Center is therefore already the food meeting place for consumers, businesses, knowledge institutions and governments.

In 2019, various Food events will take place on the WFC site. Such as the annual Food Unplugged or the Foodmile and various events in the context of the Dutch Agro Food Week and World Food Day. The WFC area will also host various meetings of Foodvalley and the NEON network.

International window display
There is a great international interest in the Dutch agrifood sector. Every year, the Netherlands is visited by many exploratory companies, governments and knowledge institutions. At the initiative of Foodvalley, in 2019, in addition to the future WFC Experience, a business facility will be created of approximately 1,500 m2 that will become the business and innovation business card of the Dutch agrifood sector. The "Innovation Xpo".