Rabobank signs cooperation agreement with World Food Center Experience

Now that the World Food Center Experience is in the next phase of development and realization, Rabobank has decided to record the existing collaboration for several years. Rabobank has entered into a cooperation agreement with World Food Center Development, responsible for the development and implementation of the entire World Food Center area.

 The World Food Center (WFC) in Ede will be the food meeting place for consumers, companies, knowledge institutions and governments. The former Maurits Zuid barracks area is a lively area where living, working and recreation go hand in hand. In the World Food Center Experience, visitors can playfully learn and experience everything about food. With this public attraction, the World Food Center wants to make the public more aware of issues related to food. How can they contribute to a healthier and more sustainable future? Not only for themselves but also for their environment. In addition, the WFC is an innovation district for food and agro, a place where development and exchange of knowledge between companies, knowledge institutions and consumers is encouraged.

To achieve the WFC Experience, participation in the form of knowledge and resources from the business community is essential. From the start, there has been collaboration with Albert Heijn, DSM, FrieslandCampina, KeyGene, Nestlé, Scelta Mushrooms and Rabobank. Now that the development of the WFC Experience is entering a new phase, cooperation with participating companies is also being expanded.

Unique place
“The World Food Center Experience will be a unique place where you can learn everything about our food. What exactly do you eat every day? Why does food taste the way it tastes and looks the way it looks? Why do you like the one and not the other? And what challenges are involved in the production of your food? It is great to be able to realize such an inspiring educational public attraction in Ede now ', says Mariska de Kleijne, Chairman of Rabobank Vallei and Rijn.

"Rabobank endorses the importance and intention of the World Food Center", says Kirsten Konst, responsible for the business domain within the Group Management of Rabobank. “The bank is committed to working with partners and customers to achieve positive, social impact in global food supplies. The cooperation agreement with World Food Center Development is the confirmation of a sustainable partnership for the period of development and realization, as well as for the first four years of operation. "

 Next steps
The next step in the realization of the WFC Experience is the establishment of a foundation that will be responsible for the development and realization of the content and the building of the new attraction. Marcel Goossens was appointed as a quartermaster / director for this at the beginning of April.

(in the photo from left to right: Mariska de Kleijne, Kirsten Konst, and Jan Prins)