Deal Foodvalley region is complete

It was announced today that the Foodvalley Region Deal has been completed and that the Ministries of Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality and Home Affairs are supporting the Foodvalley region with a boost of 20 million euros. The provinces of Gelderland and Utrecht and the regional municipalities from the Foodvalley are going to work with many partners on accelerating the transition to a healthy and sustainable food system. They do this in close collaboration with, among others, Utrecht University (UU), Wageningen University & Research (WUR), interest groups VNO-NCW Midden, Water Board Vallei and Veluwe and LTO Noord. In total, the government and regional partners are investing more than 70 million euros in the Region Deal Foodvalley in the region. An important part of the promised money is intended for the realization of the World Food Center Experience. 

Joining forces

The Foodvalley Region Deal is a long-term partnership between the government and various regional governments, entrepreneurs, educational and knowledge institutions.

“In 2050, more than 9 billion people will live on the earth. It is a huge challenge to feed all these mouths in the perspective of climate change and the disappearance of farmland. With this deal we can join forces and make a crucial contribution to healthy and sustainable food for everyone, "said Chairman of the Administrative Consultation of the Regional Deal Foodvalley René Verhulst.

Concrete results

Within three years, the projects in the Regio Deal are intended to lead to concrete results for the region as a whole, but also for the various municipalities in areas such as health, employment, a better living environment and broad prosperity. The knowledge and innovations that are collected and realized in this intensive collaboration can also be translated to other regions and countries. Verhulst indicates that he is very grateful to the regional municipalities for the financial support and is very pleased with the partnership of the State: "This way we can get started to really work on the impact of important food issues."

Pillars transition

The concrete translation of the acceleration to sustainable and healthy food has three pillars:

  1. Accelerate the transition to a future-proof, circular agriculture
    Think of measures for emission reduction, closing cycles and the development of new revenue models for farmers.
  2. Nutrition and health from the very start to old age.
    With innovations we want to seduce people to consume healthier and more sustainable food. We therefore want to create a healthy food environment in order to facilitate healthy and sustainable choices. We also give healthy food an important place in curative and preventive health care.
  3. Strengthen knowledge and innovation system
    In the Foodvalley we bring science, practical education, start-ups and existing companies together to apply innovations in new and existing products.

The Regio Deal has a very nice local effect for residents, farmers and businesses. Chairman René Verhulst: "We see more employment in particular for young people, such as at the Food Academy and more awareness for healthy and sustainable food through a WFC Experience, which in time contributes to the health of residents."