SmaakPark spreads its wings and seeks partners

Good addition to World Food Center

In addition to all the great developments at the World Food Center, another food initiative is also on the road elsewhere in the former barracks area. The Smaakpark is an idea of food designer Christian Weij and nutrition coach Petra Busser who, based on their passion for tasty, honest, sustainable and healthy food, have been thinking about serving and serving good food, organizing workshops and festivals, and developing recipes and food concepts. The last few years they have been doing this from a former defense sports hall next to the World Food Center. That now has some limitations, but if it is up to Christian and Petra that will soon change. They have started a large crowdfunding campaign to give the final push.

What is going to happen?
 "The bullet is through the church and the agreements with the municipality have been made: from August next year we hope to open the first parts of our new Taste Park here," says Christian Weij. "We intend to take over the old sports hall of the Maurits Noord barracks area from the municipality of Ede. We will then convert it into a multifunctional food hall with an associated company home. We lease the surrounding land and develop it into a picking garden, two earth dwellings that will be used as B & B's and into various underground greenhouses and towers where we will experiment with new forms of food production. ”

A real Taste Park, what will this look like?
 “A visit to it TastePark becomes a culinary journey of discovery along sustainable and healthy food. The rolling park full of vegetables, small livestock, fruit and food experiments continues into the food hall. In addition to our own cooking studio, demo kitchen and bar, there will also be room for other (small and / or starting) catering entrepreneurs to sell their products. This space will have the atmosphere of a food truck festival, with a varying occupation. ”

Crowdfunding started
Because the SmaakPark must become the sustainable food meeting place in the Netherlands, in line with the World Food Center, the initiators want to give everyone who finds the future of food important the opportunity to participate. That is why a large Crowdfunding campaign was launched this week, so that everyone can become a partner to help realize this unique food experience. The first two days, 20% already arrived! "

What does the SmaakPark need?
“To become the owner of the property and the land and to implement the plan, an amount of at least 1.4 million euros is needed. We want to collect 225,000 of these through CrowdFunding. With this amount we can furnish the building, convert the garden into an inspiring park and pay for part of the renovation. The rest of the financing has already been received, but we can only use it once the CrowdFunding has been completed. If we go over 225,000, we can also realize a few innovative projects, such as the greenhouses, the B & B houses and the aquaponics - where vegetables and fish live together. ”

How are you going to earn back the investment?
“The SmaakPark will have various sources of income: workshops in the cooking studio, rental of B&B rooms, sale of food and drinks, development of new products and rental of catering space in the food hall. But the different spaces in the park and the food hall can also be rented for parties, meetings, weddings and presentations. By making all spaces as multifunctional as possible, we will therefore be able to achieve a high occupancy rate. "

 How does this connect to the World Food Center?
Both the World Food Center and we believe it is very important that people become more aware of what they eat and what the consequences are. We think that if you eat healthily for yourself, this is also better for your environment. We can show and taste that on our scale. In the World Food Center Experience, the big picture is visible and tangible as an experience. In the SmaakPark we give an extra dimension to that. We think it is important that our food system changes and that as many people as possible should become aware of this. Together with the World Food Center, we at SmaakPark think we can also help make this world more sustainable and healthier.

How can you help now? (with a good return immediately!)
This week Smaakpark has launched a major CrowdFunding promotion. More information can be found at: There you can also immediately take steps to give the Smaakpark a financial boost. This is already possible from 500 euros, with a return of 4.5%.