Many plans at Conference Deal Foodvalley Region

During the conference “Ondernemen mee in de Regio Deal Foodvalley” about 200 entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and governments discussed the plans, opportunities and possibilities of the Regio Deal Foodvalley. A bustling afternoon with many good ideas. Naturally, the presentation of the World Food Center also received a lot of interest. 

The Regio Deal leads to a sustainable network of concrete, scalable projects in the Foodvalley region that deliver tangible results within three years. Entrepreneurs in the region, knowledge institutions and government play an important role in this: as a location for testing grounds, as a source of knowledge, as access to networks and as the inventor of innovative technologies.

On April 18, they met to meet each other, share knowledge and see how they can strengthen these plans together. These plans will be further coordinated with the government in the coming months. You will hear more soon!