"Different trends come together in the World Food Center"

It was in June this year that BPD (Bouwfonds Property Development) officially joined the World Food Center area development project. Since then, under the flag of World Food Center Development (WFCD), GREEN and Van Wijnen have been working hard on the development of the former Maurits Zuid barracks area in order to create a unique environment for working, experiencing and living.

Hybrid area

"Joining World Food Center Development was a logical step for BPD," says Arjen Kleijer, WFCD Location Manager for the area. “BPD believes in so-called hybrid areas, areas where different functions such as living, working and experiencing come together. We already have a lot of experience with that and are convinced that such areas have the future. ”

Proximity station

“We are currently working hard with the team on working out the various parts of the area. We already notice that there is great interest, both from the business community and from future residents. The previously developed parts of the barracks areas, where we were already involved from BPD, are now neighborhoods in a green environment, where people live and work in a pleasant and sustainable way. The image of the area is therefore very good. We expect that the proximity to Ede-Wageningen station and the mix of functions will increase the interest in the World Food Center. This is further enhanced by the beautiful green and natural environment. The Veluwe literally enters the area. "

Food theme fits seamlessly on site

“Because we have been active in the Foodvalley region for some time, the 'food' theme is not new to us. In this project it has of course been implemented much further in all parts. That is how we work on common food gardens and inspiring meeting places. ”

“That commonality is also a characteristic that we see more often in hybrid areas. We call that social sustainability. It is one of the trends that we see growing strongly. Another trend that we are focusing on with the World Food Center is the interest in technology, innovation and sustainability. Future-oriented, and seamlessly suited to the food theme and the Foodvalley region. As far as we are concerned, everything fits perfectly here. "