We are going to experience it!

Why the WFC Experience will really touch visitors.

By Harry Veldhuis, WFCD Area Development

We are going to experience it together: the arrival of the World Food Center Experience. I know, the term experience is sometimes used in the house and in the wrong place, but in this case I really can not find another word for it. It will be a unique experience. A real experience. I dare to be so confident about that because I have the privilege to work with a large number of people here for a number of years.

Enthusiastic people, some visionary, others very socially involved and others very creative. I have seen the idea grow into a widely supported plan. Where our stories about food can really be experienced in order to make the difference.

The beginning: the challenge
Worldwide, but also in the Netherlands, there are major challenges in the area of food production and consumption. These challenges demand a broad approach with attention to the behavior of ourselves as a consumer. After all, our food choice makes the difference.

The Experience of the World Food Center wants to contribute to this by offering the youth a food adventure where you get a unique insight into the complex story of the food chain. The goal is to inspire you to consciously choose tasty, healthy and sustainable food every day.

'Touching the heart'

But how are you going to do that in such a way that it is much more than just an information center for food, a museum or an exhibition? This is only possible if you, as a visitor, are sucked into all those nutrition stories. BRC calls this 'Touching the heart'. It must touch your heart. Experience is pleasure and emotion. If you have experienced the food adventure, you will come out completely different than you went into it. An experience that makes so much impression that you want to come back soon for more and also because the themes change periodically.

It's about you
Because it's about you! Who you are, what you buy and what you eat. During a visit to the Experience, you will experience the impact of nutrition on your own body, how you get food on your plate, the global food challenges and the role the Netherlands plays in this. You experience these topics in different ways; with digital interactive elements, live presentations, theater performances, 3D media, and interactive physical activities. Experience playfully how our food comes on the plate and what choices you can make yourself to live a healthier and tastier life and thus contribute to a more sustainable food production worldwide.

BRC Imagination Arts
With such serious topics, it is of course very important to listen to the message and pack it. That is why we have hired one of the world's most experienced design agencies in the field of educational attractions. The Heineken Experience has also been developed by them here in the Netherlands. BRC knows exactly where fun and education reinforce each other and how you keep people interested. Both before, during and after the visit to the Experience. The ideas that we will now carry out will lead to a particularly lively attraction. A place where you can actually experience food.

We are going to experience it!

Harry Veldhuis,
WFCD Area development