'WFC Experience fits in with our municipal food policy'

Trade magazine VMT has published an extensive article about the WFC. Susanna Butterman (Municipality of Ede) and Ronald Visschers (TiFN) tell about decision making, the WFC Experience and the research program.

"The development of the World Food Center Experience is more than just stones, it is part of our municipal food policy," says Butterman. She expects the decision on the WFC to be favorable, because many enthusiastic parties have already joined. She also explains that the Experience will really become an experience. "Everything is thought from the latest technologies. There are various 'instagrammable moments' where visitors are encouraged to share their experiences. "

Participatory research
Visschers tells in the article about the unique position to conduct 'participatory research' in Ede. "Normally a product or service is examined with a passive group of participants, but through participative research you come much closer," he says in the article. "Citizens now receive too much information, they are citizens, consumers and shoppers at the same time. Participatory research by various actors in the chain may be the key to lasting change. "

read here the entire article (thanks to VMT for making it available).