"WFC Experience puts Foodvalley on the map even more."

“The WFC Experience is a great project that not only makes visitors aware but also gives the area an economic boost, in addition to what is happening in Wageningen. With the WFC Experience we put everything that is happening here in the Foodvalley on the map once again. We asked him for his opinion about the World Food Center and the involvement of the province of Gelderland.

WFC Experience meets needs

“Attention to our food and where it comes from is important. Just like ensuring that there is enough food in the future. For that you have to look at where in the world food production is possible. We are blessed in the Netherlands with healthy soil and a good climate. This means that we must contribute to food production here. Not only for ourselves, but also for others. "

"We want to make people think with the WFC Experience," continues Drenth. “Having enough food is not normal everywhere in the world. A loaf or a pack of milk does not roll out of the factory like that. Be aware of where your food comes from and that you have to pay a fair price for it. If we want agriculture to produce food in a different, sustainable way, then that starts with what we as consumers demand. And that again depends on what we know and feel. "

“Food and agriculture are important sectors for the Gelderland economy. The World Food Center confirms our leading position. "


One of the strong points of the WFC Experience is that it focuses on consumers and food. Drenth: “It is new and unique. It puts Gelderland on the map as a food region, nationally and internationally. In addition, it is nice that so many come together: business, government, education, research and the ordinary consumer. This is the first time that we have been doing this, so it is always exciting what it will look like. "

“The World Food Center must really be the calling card of our knowledge and expertise in the field of food. But the greatest opportunity lies in involving consumers in the food issue. And for me, that includes the discussion about the climate. "

Food and agriculture important for Gelderland

“Food and agriculture are important sectors for the Gelderland economy. We also have a world-class knowledge institution with Wageningen University & Research. We want to ensure that this region continues to lead the world. "

“Gelderland has been involved in the plans for the World Foopd Center from the very beginning. By bringing the Experience into an independent foundation, the province will be a little more remote. That was deliberately chosen. It is not up to us as a province to set up and exploit an Experience. But because of the importance we attach to the Experience, we have made sure that our interests are also taken into account in further development. In this way we will certainly continue to send in the next three years, in good consultation with the Foundation. With agreements that are laid down in, for example, the subsidy conditions and the articles of association of the Foundation. In addition, we have confidence in the Advisory Board, which advises us solicited and unsolicited, just as in previous phases. The Advisory Council is the guardian of the ideas to which we as a province have committed ourselves. ”