Living in the Veluwse Proeftuin

Living is an integral part of the World Food Center. The area offers space for approximately 600 homes. From ground-level houses to apartments. Behind the scenes, we are busy with the contractor and the architect with all the preparations for the sale of the houses. Sales will start soon!

One of the neighborhoods in the World Food Center is The Veluwse Proeftuin. This is the place where you don't have to 'run' for a while or where you just run into the forest. The Veluwse Proeftuin stands for luxury living in a modest, pure way. The Veluwe is withdrawn into the neighborhood and the use of natural materials and colors means that the houses and apartments blend into the landscape. You live here together in a communal garden where fruit, vegetables and herbs may soon grow to taste for yourself.

Ontdeck Living at World Food Center