"World Food Center is an excellent opportunity for agrifood sector"


Now that governments are taking their final decision on participation in the World Food Center Experience these months, it is good to also look at the companies that are participating in this initiative. Why do they participate? And what makes them so enthusiastic? Bas Roelofs of FrieslandCampina recently explained it to Provincial Council of Gelderland:

"Before I became responsible for FrieslandCampina Netherlands, I worked in the Middle East for 3 years. There you notice that in conversations around a traditional Dutch company such as FrieslandCampina product quality and reliability are no point of discussion. The good image of the Netherlands opens doors and sells our products. "

"Despite this good international quality image, we are often very modest about it as a country. In Dubai, modesty is not the first word that comes to mind. It is all about glitter and glamor. As extreme as there, that does not suit our Dutch sobriety. But we can learn something from it. "

"With the vision and ambition of the WFC Experience, we can show the world in a fun way where we as a small country are big. As a Dutch dairy company with a global playing field, we can contribute to this. "

Commercial role companies?
"Whether our contribution has a commercial purpose, or is part of good citizenship in Dutch society, we have not doubted for a long time. In the discussions around the World Food Center it soon became clear that it would be more logical for us - as well as for the other companies - not to do this for commercial reasons. So do not try to tempt as many visitors as possible with our brands on the façade to buy our products. None of those visitors is waiting for a commercial park where companies display their groceries. "

"So we mainly participate in the realization that we have a role to play in the Netherlands and to show that we, as a region and as a sector, have something beautiful in our hands. And that feels good. Our contribution to date is mainly in the input of knowledge and expertise. We are talking about a financial contribution to the World Food Center Experience. "

"In order to achieve the desired number of visitors and at the same time offer fun and education, we must focus on our knowledge, expertise and social involvement. As a whole sector tell the whole story, open and nuanced. Then the WFC Experience is a great sign for the Dutch agrifood sector and a place where we would like to take our visitors. "