Youth World Food Day 2019: the Aftermovie

While the food professionals were talking about circular food chains on World Food Day in the Mauritskazerne, over 200 young people were working on their own approach to food waste at the Smaakpark. This Youth World Food Day was therefore a worthy end to the Dutch Food Week.

The DIY festival started with a lunch prepared with vegetables that were nominated to be thrown away. The alderman of Ede, Leon Meijer had come along for the occasion and encouraged all those present to do the most. Do a lot and talk less.

There were conversations with live connections abroad and the young people could go through SharedStudios talk directly to young people in Nigeria and Gaza.

The Wageningen Youth Institute organized the 'Fruit for all' workshop that provides insight into the complex issues surrounding food security. Important questions that we must answer if we all want to have enough food in 2050. With a Kahoot Quiz everyone could test their knowledge.

During the festival, groups of young people presented their ideas to combat food waste.